Euro So Vain

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6 Jun 2017 DarthIA

I'm interested in your choice of breakers. How did you find Mammon and the other TD breakers in Geist? I think I would go either with the 3 non-paid (though I don't like Lustig that much) or with Mammon.

The console is also a flex slot for me. I have been trying with Polyhistor but never managed to use the ability...

6 Jun 2017 emilyspine

Polyhistor is far too expensive for Geist. Forger is the only real choice. I've been using Reflection to help enable Deep Data Mining but it means you can do less Geist shenanigans.

The TD breakers are fine, plus if you get to a difficult endgame you can almost guarantee getting in. I dropped Demara in the pub the night before Euros because 2 for a subroutine is terrible even if you're Geist making money out of thin air. If the meta was slowing down with glacier decks stacking big codegates I'd want to fit in Gordian Blade. Mammon's been useful for low strength ice and goes well with Dean Lister.

I'm also not convinced Temujin was worth it in the end.

6 Jun 2017 DarthIA

I've been toying around with Sneakdoor Beta too, but I'll try your breaker suite.

Did you play against many asset spam or Moon decks? How did it fare? I guess Temujin helps in that matchup to some extent...

6 Jun 2017 emilyspine

I saw SYNC, PU, PE and 2 EtF (rushy/fast advance versions). No moon spam whatsoever as I think it was mostly clustered around the higher tables.

I don't tend to chase assets as Geist: you have so many things to install that trashing things sets you back hugely and this deck wants to get to a powerful end game as quick as it can.

I've played Sneakdoor in Geist before but it wouldn't work in this building: takes up too much MU with Deep Data Mining in the deck.