Death, uh, finds a way [STARTUP]

milk_geologist 27

The idea here is to set up agendas in Archives to score out with Regenesis, while making Archives lethal for the runner. You primary win condition is do do so much net damage when they run archives that you can kill them with Punitive Counterstrike the next turn. If they're timid about running Archives, you look to score out your big agendas with Regenesis.

I'm pretty new to deckbuilding, and I haven't gotten to play many games with this deck yet, so there are probably revisions to be made.


Regenesis: Get it out through a scoring remote to get the real points out of Archives.

Cyberdex Sandbox: Score out of Archives with Regenesis. Once you have it, a Mavirus purges virus counters and gives you 4 credits whenever the runner checks Archives.

Send a Message: Score out of Archives with Regenesis or let the runner score it to set up a kill with Punitive Counterstrike.

Sting: Drop a couple of these in Archives to set up 4 net damage while giving up just two points. You can follow up with Punitive Counterstrike to kill if they run last click.


Bladderwort: Stick this in your scoring server while you're still getting it set up to do some net damage if you get low on funds, or to maintain a drip economy until you're ready to score.

Snare!: Keep these in your hand to discourage overzealous multiaccess while you're still setting up.


Celebrity Gift, Hansei Review, Hedge Fund: Economy cards. Hansei can also be used to drop agendas into Archives, or to bluff if you have a Cyberdex Sandbox/Mavirus setup.

Punitive Counterstrike: Use these to flatline the runner if they hit archives at the wrong time. With the right agendas in archives (Sting! for instance), you can feel safe dropping Send a Message or Cyberdex Sandbox into Archives on the runners second-to-last click using Anemone.

Sprint: Use this to get the cards you need in hand to set your Archive trap.


Mavirus: Stick this on Archives to further help set up lethal damage or put them in range of a Punitive Counterstrike. Once it's been trashed, it starts making you money if you have a Cyberdex Sandbox.


Mostly looking for prickly ICE to discourage early face checks while you're still getting set up. You really only need hard protection on your scoring remote, because we don't care that much if they run Archives.

Anemone: Put this on Archives to set up lethal net damage on access, or put it on R&D or an asset remote and trash an agenda you want to score if they run at the wrong time.

25 Jul 2022 Oddball

Here's another fun combo for you:

If Send a Message is in archives and Anemone protecting it, don't rez Anemone, let Send a Message do it for you! They get hit with the net damage of stealing Send a Message AND Anemone firing (it's still during a run on the server).

Most important of all, if they are not at 6 points you can feed them another agenda... like Sting! to trigger the damage of Anemone.

That's either lethal, or you can finish them off with Punitive Counterstrike.