Ducky Prav - 1st and defeated at Brighton CO

.Feathermark 29

I'd like to dedicate this deck to my boy in the Brighton half-time duck race, a plucky green li'l underdog who came from behind against all odds to steal the win. He's the real champion of the day.


This deck is designed to draw hard and use the Prav ID ability to build a boardstate in the early game with an advanced Akhet or Mesnichestvo. Once that's online, you can play either FA with multiple Trick of Light/Remastered Edition/Vlad Grid or Tax Rush with all the above plus NAPD Cordon. Nothing feels as good as watching the runner calculate that they need to pay up to 17 credits to steal an unadvanced Bellona under Cordon that you've just installed on top of a double-advanced Vlad Grid with a Remastered counter online and the advancement off the Prav trigger. Unless it's Fast-advancing that Bellona out of hand with Vlad Grid & Trick of Light.

Of course, none of that happened yesterday, and this instead died to Esa and 419 throughout the day (including one particularly impressive loss to @rusefus on turn 2), before then managing to cheese out a win against two Esas in the last round of Swiss, and the first round of cut, the latter by rushing out a 4-point beale closely followed by a 3-point beale, finishing 2-4 overall. Versatility over consistency is also the life I chose.

I still feel like there's a solid deck in here somewhere. Suggestions welcome for replacements for Neurostasis, which someone on the internet told me was good, but doesn't cut it in an increasingly Esa-flavoured meta, and got trashed from hand in the one matchup in which it could have been relevant. Probably just swapping back in the 3rd Trick of Light, unless I can think of anything more spicy. Will probably also want to mess around with the ICE a bit too.

9 May 2023 cado

A cheeky Urtica Cipher could be fun, I've definitely hit someone with 7 net damage of an install/advanced/advanced urtica+vlad grid

13 May 2023 Loki37

+1 vote for an Urtica Cipher include - I have killed or seriously tempo hit quite a few runners with it in a very similar deck, if they don’t run it then it is great as a Trick of Light battery

13 May 2023 Sz4r1rej

Urtica is great but what really is bonkers in Pravi is Cerebral Overwriter, A facecheck into that can be crippling for the rest of the game, though it's not much a runner killer.

14 May 2023 m4trix87

Tested this. F2P has serious issues vs Hippo, a staple of many Anarch decks. Allows trashing it with 4 cr and no breaker.