The Panopticon

Dead Drop 147

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The Panopticon is the ancestor of cyber suveillance, it is an indecent human creation. The Panopticon represent the power given to those in charge, when all of us know we are being observed.

This deck is brutal and it won me a lot of games on Runners won't expect that level of punitive facecheck ices and even if they do and don't run, they will either be forced to let Urban Renewal fire or gradually see their resources disappear with The insurance broker. And this is really bad, so they will run anyway, desperately, forgetting their own win condition. And that is good for you, It enable the use of The other insurances broker or you can Wake them up with a baseball bat.

The only thing I'm not so sure of is Utopia Fragment. I will replace it with City Works Project as soon as it is release.

And yeah, not tag punishment. Who end their turn tagged against Weyland when they know they are being watched?