leachrode 815

Yet another CI7 list, did pretty well on the day beating Andy, Whizz, Andy in the swiss and losing to Whizz in the cut because I didn't play properly to my outs and over focussed on defending from a nerve agent rather than working out if I could just combo already (with shutdown > biotic > archived for AD).

Nothing much here is unusual although the ice has changed a bit, Turing is better than the 3rd Mother Goddess now every Andy player seems to be on one Vamadeva and 80% of Whizz seem to be back on Faust decks rather than Yog, I'd be somewhat inclined to cut a second MoGo and add a second Turing although you're then a little vulnerable to click one siphons just clicking through it. Rototurret is solid, it's an etr ice that costs the same as MoGo and can't be broken with Vamadeva and occasionally reaps extra benefits because no one wants to take the tempo hit installing a killer. Game one it trashed an Andy player's medium on face check and turned a losing position into a hugely winning one.

If you want to learn to CI the cookbook is the best reference, even if you never want to play the deck it's worth scanning through to get better playing against it and learn how much they need to win.

The deck is fun, combos are fun, don't let anyone tell you otherwise