Professional Null (SC Kassel)

D4KEN 136

After my badly SC a week before i decided to go with Anarchs. The Plan was to pressure the Corp as early as possible. So i decided to play with Null. Null, Dean and Aumakua have a great synergie. Along with some Tech - Datasucker and Ice Carver you can get in everywhere very easily. So MAW and Bhagat seems a good include to disrupt the Corp Plan.

Round 1 vs Palana
Continously hammered centrals to feed Maw and TTW counter. A R&D Run for 5 Cards brought me the win

Round 2 vs Titan
I went Tryhard turn one after the corp decided to play Ice on Remote and Install an Card in the Server. Sure Gamble, Install Paperclip - Run Remote - Stole the first Atlas. This kept the game going for me. Afterwards i assembled my key pieces and ran continously. Two scored Hostile - so 2 free creds helped my Gameplan. Could steal another Atlas as well. Later i run R&D with TTW and got the Win by stealing 2 Oaktown

Round 3 vs ASA
Was to aware and didn't mulligan. So i had a lack of econ. I didn't contest the Jeeves so the Corp went early 5-0. Lost the game.

Round 4 - ID

TopCut vs AgInfusion Didn't find my AI so the Corp went fast to 5 Points and a Nisei Counter - gg

Need to go for 3 Aumakua, so cut at least 1 Career Fair for an Aumakua.

12 Feb 2018 Bifurcator

Hmmm, I am slightly disappointed in the deck name. I can't believe you did not go for the obvious pun, I mean, you are soooo close...

"ProfessioNULL" is clearly the correct name, isn't it?

Still, congratulations on top 4! See you around!

12 Feb 2018 D4KEN

@Bifurcator"ProfessioNULL" sounds clearly better. Did a lot of mistakes in the game - the suprising DNA Tracker on HQ slowed me also down. I thought it was the Chiyashi you showed me ;)

13 Feb 2018 Income Tax

Thoughts on -1 Datasucker, -1 Same Old Thing, +2 Scrubber for asset spam?