Innovative new titan 9th at Worlds

Heinzel 1294

meme After forgetting that every word that leaves Whiteblades mouth is a meme i switched titans to a list inspired by the american version for continentals which didn't feel great. So for worlds i came up with a new version of titan that doesn't look like this one at all.

During swiss it went 5-2 and it lost a game in the cut.

This deck usually builds a small remote to put the draw/money assets into. Yes during the mid/late-game the remote doesn't do too much anymore but it still can help your early game immensely. Also playing fast track in a deck that literally wants to score one specific agenda all the time seemed like a sensible choice.
The deck is tight on money especially if you only find biotics early, but i still think that biotics are very important since they can score an atlas by themselves. I don't like too big to fail in lists that use it to rez ice since the bad pub will hurt you pretty quick (especially against geist).
I feel like this deck is worse against Khumalo but better against Geist. This deck goes more all in on trying to rush out the atlas train while the other version tries to buy time with good ice.

Overall i am happy with this version and if i had to choose decks for worlds again i would bring this exact list.

14 Oct 2020 Ghost Meat

@Heinzel, you're officially on the Turbo Team! Congrats on edging me out of top spot in Swiss, and on an amazing result overall. :)