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DoomRat 2122

I've been working on a ProCo based remote camp shaper build for quite awhile, running a couple of months into the previous meta, but couldn't quite get it to work. The biggest drag on the list was Khusyuk being a bad card, but there were other reasons. Fortunately, the Midnight Sun booster used two of its three runner slots to dump power cards on shaper, and the third one is a solid general buff to remote camp plans.


We have a very simple game plan:

  • Step 1: Install ProCo
  • Step 2: Click ProCo
  • Step 3: Click ProCo
  • Step 4: Click ProCo
  • ......
  • Step 37: Click ProCo
  • Step 38: Get bored and play deep dive I guess

Really though. Just click ProCo, play some orbs, maybe install some breakers or something, then go back clicking ProCo. If corp tries to rush early you can usually get in by Wuing for Fly and playing Overclock. Bonus points if you can falsified to confirm if you should run or light up whatever upgrades were protecting it. You have Clot for FA, and as yet most corps don't seem to be carrying much counter-tech for it, so that's a non-issue.

Potential Problems

There are a couple of issues you can run into, however:

  • First, if a corp happens to be running a lot of sentries (this is uncommon, as small sentries are so soft to Bucky), they can try and tax out your revolver tokens. I haven't seen this succeed yet, but if it becomes apparent corp will try, you'll need to be extremely judicious with your Simulchips.

  • Second issue is late game Border Control + Anoetic Void. We only have the one Light the Fire!, so we can't force our way through vs. this combination. If corp sets this up we'll need to actually start playing the game instead of ProCo snoozing. Try to win somewhere else, and keep in mind they can't void both centrals and the remote at the same time to hold off DD if you make them rez both, so do that.

Potential Changes

If you want to make changes/cuts to this deck, in my opinion the first three cards out are Second Mayfly, Citadel Sanctuary and Second Laundry. Next three cards in are Third Laundry, Second OOTA and Third DD. If you need to cut influence, I'd go with Caldera, Light the Fire! into Political Operative or cutting a Falsified Credentials. The program influence is untouchable.

Only major change I'm considering is -1 Mayfly + 1 NaNo. Just tossing it in the bin should discourage sentry stacking.

Final Notes

This deck list seems like it should be boring, but I really do have a lot of fun playing it. It's nice to have some shaper that feels decent. Maybe it'll fall off as the meta shakes out, but if I had to play a tournament tomorrow this is what I'd bring. Quick thanks to whoever on IPT suggested ProCo NoCo as a deck name.

21 Mar 2022 gilesdavis

Inspired me to try ProCo again :)

21 Mar 2022 gilesdavis

DJ Steve is great in lists like this, forcing the corp to expend resources defending HQ while you grab back third fly/falsified etc

26 Mar 2022 Radiant

What does the NoCo in the name mean? I feel dumb lol

26 Mar 2022 DoomRat

@Radiant No Console. That should have made it into the right up somewhere. Sorry about that.

29 Mar 2022 Runaway

"ProCo NoCo" - that was me! Congrats on DoW!

31 Mar 2022 ArchLizard

Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me

My) Vanilla Card

1 Apr 2022 ptc

Is it just Beth and OOTA you’re relying on for the extra click for DD? Also, it is just Fly vs rush you’re using Wu for? If so, could this better in Lat or (with some cuts) Tao?

19 Apr 2022 DoomRat

@ptc I really like always having SMC available. You can't really be gear checked, only credit checked. Regarding other IDs, I actually started in Lat for this deck but its really awkward with proco. If you skip a ProCo to match hand size with Corp that's not gaining you anything. Tao probably has some merit though.

As for additional clicks, there's a decent argument for a second copy of OOTA for more options, but usually its enough.