The deck I did not play at Worlds

lostgeek 3599

When playing on jnet casual:

Stats on jnet casual

When testing the deck with teammates:

Stats in private testing

This is the deck that I toyed around with in the run-up of our actual Worlds testing. After two days of pestering everyone on jnet casual with the deck and dropping not a single game (sorry for everyone who had to endure this...), I decided to take the deck seriously and test it internally in our testing group. It felt like the deck was great at scoring 6 points, but bad at not losing for long enough to actually push through a win.

Disheartened further by the Esâ list that we ended up bringing to Worlds having a great matchup against this as well, I decided to drop this deck and search for other, more solid options instead.

Turns out that at the end of this particular line of thought actually sits the list that Sokka has brought and took down the entire event with. Even worse that the first reactions of people in NWE were exactly on the money regarding what the deck really needs...

first reactions

So while waiting for Sokka's actual list, I hope you had fun reading this short lesson on maybe not giving up on your ideas too quickly.

17 Oct 2023 Shishu

Somebody told me that Sokka's list had "the double operation that installs ICE" and I asked if it was Priority Construction, but they said it was goddamn Secure and Protect.

17 Oct 2023 Cliquil

Who'd have thought the answer was clearing house?!

17 Oct 2023 Testrunning

@CliquilSokka, duh

18 Oct 2023 Anzekay

For once my constant answer of "just put in punitive or some other weird kill fork" was actually the most correct answer