Deuces Mild - 3rd at Bromley (Warboar) Store champs

znsolomon 104

A near-unchanged version of this deck:

Which I found 3 days before the event and love unconditionally. It's just so much fun to get to play your entire deck each game, and never worry about dipping too low in credits to do anything.

Changes made were -1 Utopia Shard +1 The Turning Wheel (A strictly better multiaccess tool in my opinion), -1 Brahman +1 Overmind(much better in the rewiring CI matchup, which is all you really need an AI breaker for anyway), and -1 Modded +1 Cyber-Cypher (helps vs FC3 early game, and I never needed the 3rd modded).

Deck went 3-2 on the day, with wins against Titan, Wilfy CI and Door-to-door making news and losses against the same rewiring CI twice (both really close games). The only change I'd make is to find room for a Biometric Spoofing to give you a couple of extra turns vs rewiring, as that could make all the difference.