Plus Ultra Modified (3-2 Brno Regionals)

DTonius 48

Decklist from regionals in Brno, Czech Republic.

I defeated Zer0 Val, Vengeance Val, 419, lost to Maxx, Valencia.

Wins were typically rush while building huge remote. Loss to Maxx was to two succesful Deep data minings. In the last game versus Val, I had 15 agenda points in the first 18 cards. While I scored two SSL, my opponent managed to find in one turn in 3 R&D accesses 3 agendas for 6 points and then next turn discover 1 Ikawah in 4 cards in hand. Overall I think the deck worked pretty well.

Inspired by this deck. -1 Vanilla -1 Fairchild 1.0 +2 Fairchild 2.0