Outfoxed (3rd at 16 person SC)

paulyg 1115

I love a risky meta call (CF taking Skorpios to Worlds last year). So when I saw how powerful Stabby FoxX was, I suspect that a bunch of people would bring it to Brighton store champs and set about countering it.

I’d had an idea for a fast advance Mti deck around nationals last year. There was anarch everywhere at that time, and I played around with Blacklist as a way to slow them down. The current MaxX list only runs one of each breaker and the Laamb is absolutely key to the game plan. I knew if I could land an early Blacklist behind a gear-check then they’d be in trouble.

Of course, they could just draw the Laamb or I might not find Blacklist in time so I needed a deck that could go fairly fast and could keep some centrals tax alive in the mid game as MaxX started to run. With the new Jinteki 3/2 coming out, it seemed that my fast advance pian could be back on the table. I briefly considered how bad this list would be against pretty much any shaper but then decided to take it anyway.

On the day this beat 3/3 Stabby FoxXes as well as a Liza and lost to Apoc Val and (OH NO!) the single shaper at the tournament which was a very cool Kabonesa Wu list. I wouldn’t recommend playing this unless you’re very sure of the meta you’re going into. I had a strong feeling, but also got fairly lucky in the runners I faced.