Mti: Now Even Grosser (5-0 Louisville SC)

Janktivist 697

This is a slightly updated version of my Mti is Gross list. I swapped the Philotic for a Project YU, since the latter somewhat synergizes with what Mti is already trying to do (be gross). And I cut 1x Scarcity for a 1x Letheia, because I wanted to use more Downfall cards. Honestly, two spookytowns are enough anyway, and Letheia is a monster as a late-game upgrade to deal with.

Both this and my Val deck ( went "undefeated" on the day. The quotation marks are because I ID'd with a couple opponents, but we played out those games for fun and I was able to take them down.

I'm done with Mti until we're out of SC season and on to decks that don't make me feel like a monster person. Enjoy!