The Signature Kate, France national winner

Calimsha 2835

Well since I can't publish the deck twice guess I've to edit. The deck performance during the French national was sketchy at best. I got two game loss (one on illegal deck because I forgot 5 cards in my deckbox and the infamous grand final deck scouting thingy) and two opportunistic flatlines (cortex lock dealing one net and a snare! against ETF and a first turn stolen TGTBT followed by double econ + midseason turn 2) in 6 rounds of Swiss and 2 game in the Elim bracket.

Despite those hiccups, when I was allowed to play Netrunner the deck performed really well, out moneying butchershop, beating PE without deus X and stomping over RP without giving SC single scoring window.

I think right now this Kate list is clearly the best runner deck ever built and the strong showing these last weeks should be a good indication

31 May 2015 jrp


Was chrome city legal?

1 Jun 2015 Calimsha

Nope, unfortunately =(. I would have probably played something else (on both side) if Chrome city was legit.

21 Jun 2015 bblum

Haha, I can't publish my 1st place philly kate deck because it's card-for-card the same as this one.

In philly I went 6-1 in swiss with this and 3-0 in elims.

21 Jun 2015 Calimsha

Kate, stronk.

23 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

Kate stronk. Remove Sushi from servers.

29 Jun 2015 Calimsha

Updated a bit the deck name. It won a national after all :D

29 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

What happened with the scouting?

29 Jun 2015 tomdidiot

Where was your NEH list? Same as Blum's Philly list?

30 Jun 2015 Calimsha

Yeah, the NEH list was exactly the same as @bblum.

I was ultra stressed when the LB Final was played out and I came a couple of time asking how much time left and what was the score. It's not fun to wait somewhere else when everyone are around the LB final table watching the game. Everytime I came near the table, the judge gave me a warning for scouting and when the crowds started to cheers the winner, I came back asking who won and since the winner didn't packed up his deck yet, the judge think I came to scout the deck again and gave me a game-loss on my first grand final game.

2 Jul 2015 gabsnow18

@Calimsha congrats for the win!clot helped You a Lot? Cause i think that clot isnt a good card and the corp have different ways to manager it(shipment,cyberdex,blacklist,etc)

2 Jul 2015 Calimsha

Yeah it helped me to win a couple of games :) in all tournament I played with it. I don't like the card that much but it's an easy hoser for the NBN (butcher/biotic) matchup.

It's still hard to play properly and a lot of players tend to be a bit too trigger happy with it.

3 Jul 2015 gabsnow18

Thanks @Calimsha! Aniway i dont think is necessary against a FA if You play aggresively,that 2 inf is very heavy for me...traffic jam may be a good neutral alternative?

8 Jul 2015 Callisto

What are your thoughts on swapping 1 TME for 1 RDI?

8 Jul 2015 Calimsha

Bad idea :).

29 Jul 2015 saltytacopanda

What would you have played if Chrome City was out?

29 Jul 2015 bblum

I played the same list in Philly when chrome city was legal.

The only change I'd make since then is changing atman out for escher to improve the RP matchup.