Apocaloup "Moshing is literally VLC, but orange."

TugtetguT 1946

It's hot take tuesday and Moshing is literal :fire: so here is my Apouc Loup deck.

Not much here is different from a lot of the other apocalypse decks that are running around trying to fight the PD's of the world, but there are a few reasons that I think this is a little leaner.

Very most importantly Loup is a minimum 40 cards ID. 40 is a lot better than 45 when you're essentially playing a combo deck. Don't even start talking about playing 50 cards. You're looking to set up Apouc asap so stop dilly dallying with bigger numbers.

You do not necessarily need or even want to Apouc asap, but you need to have the option to do so.

On top of this René's ability is sometimes relevant which is a nice little bonus before rebirth.

Next reason is Botulus; since it is simply silly.

  • Use it early game to contest weak remotes.
  • Use it mid game to crack open centrals for Apouc. Preferably on the archives ICE if you're already Omar.
  • Use it to negate the next 3 pieces of ICE the corp plays post the Apouc.
  • Use it to Apouc again.

Third reason; Moshing. I'm not the first person to put Moshing in a deck with Wildcat Strike, but it really is gas and you shouldn't be considering cutting one for anything else. It is like Sprint on the corp side: a terrible card, absolute trash in reg builds. However it becomes strong in the right setting.

In this case:

  • You actively want to draw and discard a literal fifth of your deck.
  • You're drawing and often overdrawing to find your combo.
  • 3 cards and 3 credits are a lot for one card

It's not uncommon to play two copies of I've Had Worse, Moshing some breakers away and then Career Fair a resource. Now you've drawn a fourth of your deck and developped your board in a single turn.

Do not give the runner draw on Wildcat Strike

Tread Lightly is another silly card. It doesnt line up that often, but I found that 3 Career Fair were often too many and TL fits the gameplan well. Could be Pol Op.

Aesop's Pawnshop is kind of influence that I can't figure out what to do with. It's great when you draw it after you Apouc and the ceilling on the card feels like it is enough to warrant the include. However as with TL it doesn't line up that often. If you want to play around with the deck here is where I'd start. Could be Out of the Ashes to free up the Amped Up slot.

I've played the deck at 2 tournaments now and would bring it again any day. At 'NtscapeNavigator's online Store Championship' I finished 15th and lost out on the cut on SoS. At 'Quarkbutter's online GNK' this weekend I finished 1st in swiss, but sadly didn't have time to play the top 4 cut.

Deck good I promise.

9 Jun 2021 apo

Heya. What's your gameplan vs a competent AgInfusion? The issue is net dmg on centrals in the apoc turn. I play 2x Amped Up to actually have a second shot and use Eater/Wanton to be safe and access 0 cards during the critical turn.

Glad to see you're also a fan of both Moshing and Botulus in orange Apoc decks. Always a nice feeling when it turns out you are right about something :P.

9 Jun 2021 TugtetguT

Hey @apo :-) I simply haven't seen any aginfusion in the wild for months and thus aren't that concerned with it.

Usually the plan with this deck is to be faster than Aginf/Palana and capitalize on the time they spend setting up again post apoc. Specifically against Aginf I'd put Botulus on the "bounce"-ICE to make the boop effect less punishing.

9 Jun 2021 ArminFirecracker

Yeah, the deck gave me a hard time. This is so 100% Apo.

12 Jun 2021 Myldside


12 Jun 2021 percomis

Grats on DOTW @TugtetguT! <3 I like the Out of the Ashes idea for that sweet, sweet Moshing value.

15 Jun 2021 tantale

Oh look! Another Apocalypse deck?! Can we ban this card already?