[Parhelion Startup] - Adaptics Spam

Gries 31

How to get to 6 agenda points in two turns:

1st turn: Mitosis two agendas; 2nd turn: Seamless launch twice.

key learnings:

1.) Install your Urtica Ciphers naked and only advance them once they run into them, so you can move those advancement counters to an agenda with Trick of Light several turns later.

2.) The only asset you want to protect is Bladderwort.

3.) Your typical turn consists of installing 3 cards each turn.

4.) Always have at least 4 credits to be able to fire your Snares.

5.) Exchanging 2 Biotic Labor with 2 Nightmare Archive is a lot of fun.

6.) You don´t care how much credits the Runner has whatsoever.

Currently at a 75% win rate.

24 May 2023 Baxder

How does that add up to 6 agenda points? You have one SAM and the rest are 1-or-2-pointers. You could get 5 points if you Seamless twice then advance SAM one more time. With the two Issuaq counters, that'd be game. Pretty baller.

How many of those wins are kills vs. such trick scores? I'm about to get into Startup and am really curious about Issuaq for the latter.