NAPD 2016 Reina Headlock v3

Cryocom 158

Thanks to Macho Man! Reina for his Excellent Deck - Essentially modified his list and made it NAPD compliant.

Helped me place 1st in my Winter GNK (2015/2015) (small tourney but I had fun and Reina is now my favorite runner). My first 1st place ever (been playing for less than a year)! Cool playmat!

10 Jan 2016 Gaxeco

No datasucker? How do you deal with Turing on central?

10 Jan 2016 kollapse

Well, Parasite does deal with central Turing pretty fast on its own.

Thought about Turntable for stealing token-ridden agendas and such?

10 Jan 2016 kollapse

You could also try out Ice Carver to make those Parasites easier to use.

10 Jan 2016 Bigguyforyou518

I don't think you should run Liberated Account in this deck without any Career Fair to juice it up. After you've installed and expended it (5s), you'll have a surplus of 10's, or 2/. Compare that to the much more versatile Armitage Codebusting, which would give you a 9 surplus after 5's, or 1.8/. Barely less efficient, but sooooo much easier to install.

10 Jan 2016 moistloaf

I agree with big guy; there are lots of full value Career Fair targets in here; I would recommend making some room for 2 of them. You could definitely cut to 2 Clone Chip and 1 Vamp, slotting 2 Career Fair.

10 Jan 2016 Cryocom

@kollapse``@GaxecoHey Turing you can click 3 to break, also the idea of this deck is to headlock/deny econ - --- I usually try to keyhole more than anything and will target remotes when the corp is in a credit locked situation. If Turingis on a central ill parasite it as per @Gaxeco

10 Jan 2016 Cryocom

@Bigguyforyou518``@moistloafHey there! Thanks for the feedback! first @moistloafI feel Career Fairto replace Clone Chipand Vampdont make sense as this deck is not built around making money for the runner but to drain the corp econ. Clone Chipis used for Crescentusand Parasite (the MWL targeted cheese combo.... I know....)

@Bigguyforyou518I love your suggestions! maybe swapping in Armitage Codebustingfor a Liberated Account makes sense to give the deck flexibility. Ill try it out!

Thanks you guys!

12 Jan 2016 say200426

@Bigguyforyou518 Your calculation is wrong on Armitage.

12 Jan 2016 Bigguyforyou518

@say200426 Yeah you're right, I forgot to include the for Armitage's install. So it would be 7 after 5, or 1.4/, which is considerably worse. After 7's (its full duration) it hits 1.85/, but that's moving the goalposts a bit, to be fair.

12 Jan 2016 formerteen

gonna try out this deck for sure, always wanted to try headlock reina. couple questions:

i assume this deck doesn't have the draw/handsize for Faust? as otherwise, it seems like a better AI breaker than Eater.

are you floating vamp tags because the corp is broke? or do you have ample time to clear them before danger presents itself? would including New Angeles City Hall make sense?

13 Jan 2016 Cryocom

@formerteenhey there I prefer eater over Faust for this deck. As this deck is not blowing through the deck with card draw.

I usually go on a vamp run with the intention to remove the tag, I would definately consider a spot for New Angeles City Hall I can see it working!

13 Jan 2016 formerteen

played this deck on jinteki a bunch last night, was super fun! i love making someone pay 5 to rez a wall of static, pay 2 to break it, and immediately crack a crescentus on it. mean as hell. i also learned that orion is higher strength than knight 8) (two games in a row).

anyway, thanks for posting this!

14 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

@formerteen parasite it and then use knight + cres to derez it lol

14 Jan 2016 formerteen

@x3r0h0ur unfortunately, Crescentus is useless against advanced constellation ice as they don't lose their counters and can be re-rezed for free :( the Parasite is definitely a solid move though

14 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

Oh I presumed was blue sun, yea d4v1d is all you can do

14 Jan 2016 hi_impact

A lot of Headlock fans are vehemently struggling to to keep Desperado in. I think Vigil/Turntable is the right choice and I like the look of this list.

15 Jan 2016 formerteen

why 3xEater but 2xKeyhole?

15 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

To find eater early to use with crescentus, land keyholes and vamp.

2x keyhole to find it eventually, not needed early game.

24 Jan 2016 dormio

Any suggestions on how on earth to deal with Foodcoats and Breaker Bay Grid? I'm honestly considering Hacktivist Meeting.

24 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

-1 visage +1scrubber

1 Feb 2016 Sylvan008

Very unpredictable deck.