Bird and Arrow - 18th @Italian Nationals

wowarlok 760

"Dothraki need (trojan) horses as powerful as their warriors" -@B4ralai

I wanted to play some kind of unexpected deck for nationals this year, so I teamed up with a few friend and built this powerful rigshooter list. The main strategy of the deck is slowly but surely build an impenetrable board, while trashing as many killers as possible and to do so we use a combination of Tucana and Hostile Takeover/Standoff to set up as many archers as we can.

With Carmen and Echelon being the main two killers in competitive play Archer is perfect for draining the runner's economy and put them in the position where they either can't contest safely, or risk getting hit by a Trojan Horse, the second "win condition" for the deck.

Weyland Consortium: Built to Last in combination with NGO Front and Reversed Accounts provides the credit differential we need to push for our trace and force the runner to interact more than they would like to. Ganked! is the perfect tool to create nasty forks in the remote, making sure the runner has to encounter multiple archer for each remote steal, as well as providing some semblance of punishment for multiaccess on R&D.

Swordsman and Wraparound are in the deck to annoy Audrey v2 rigs, of which we expected a more than there actually were.

The deck runs 49 cards in order to include Above the Law as the main way to deal with Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, but on the day it had the unintended upside of people thinking this was closer to @Sokka's list from worlds. As an additional way to deal with strong resources I pushed for the inclusion of Corporate Town, which the deck can rez with little trouble and has a very strong impact on both the runner's board and economy.

The deck went 3-2, dropping a 241 game at the last possible access on r&d, as well as losing against a K2CP Turbine Hoshiko list, against which the deck is a little too weak.

A big shoutout to:

  • @B4ralai and @ALFlexfor creating and refining the list.
  • The organizers for the very smooth and well run event.
  • The whole italian crew for being amazing people to be around and always making these events a blast
  • All the folks coming in from abroad for making the tournament so unique. It's hard to express how much international attendance meant to so many of us, we hope to see you again!
28 Nov 2023 jan tuno

This was my favorite deck from the tournament, wow <3

28 Nov 2023 cros

Fun deck but you didn't even mention rezzing 4 archers in a single game against me, that was Epic :D GG again

28 Nov 2023 HaverOfFun

Damnnnn this deck looks wicked as!!