2-Hour Self-Destructing E-mails - mushroom cloud redux

Snake Eyes 4627

I've been working on an Apocalypse Kim deck since eXer came into play. The goal of this deck is to destroy the board as many times as possible, then to hit RnD with multiaccess while the Corp's boardstate is weak.

After being referred to Crank's excellent deck using a similar idea ( https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/49097/mushroom-cloud-redux-1st-madison-wi-sc- ) , I decided to bring a few of his ideas over to my deck, namely Amped Up, Legwork, and Utopia Shard, which have all proven to be great additions after playtesting them. I like his ability to be able to SoT Amped Up Apocalypse too, but I haven't field tested that yet to see how it compares to Trope for Apocalypse recursion.

I think that his deck would benefit greatly from eXer and Run Amok (fantastic for contesting remotes or for setting up Apocalypse with no DDoS on the board), but what he's doing seems to be working for him so hats off to him! I would consider switching my current from Rumor Mill to Employee Strike, but I can't resist slotting our favourite kitten in decks now that she's been unbanned. E-Strike would definitely help out a lot in the Jinteki: AgInfusion matchup, however so would Amped Up... And Rumor Mill can help against some nasty cards like MCA Austerity Policy/Marcus Batty.

A single EMP Device sits as a test slot right now, would consider moving it back to a 2nd Amped Up. I waiver a bit between 1 or 2 Tropes, I think 2 feels good, getting to quickly cycle back in Apocalypse and DDoS is pretty amazing, my record on nuking a boardstate online so far is 6 times in one game, which I'll admit is pretty excessive.

I'd debating my economy a bit, after taking Daily Casts from Crank's deck idea I don't think I need 3x Peace in Our Time anymore. They come in handy when you need fast money to install resources or when your break cost is going to be too damn high.

Win rate is hard to say on JNet, my first 20 or so games with an older weaker shell had a terrible 20% winrate, but since I've made changes and started to pilot it better, I'm now up to a 60% winrate. Ignoring or lessening the terrible stats while learning to pilot it more intuitively I'm rocking about a 70% right now with 25% of the games in Competitive and the rest in Casual.

Deck named in "honour" of Cambridge Analytica, my original deck shell had a closer thematic "feel" to their recently exposed undercover interviews, but it's since merged with Crank's deck to be stronger overall.

19 Apr 2018 Snake Eyes

I fixed a few mistakes with this deck by adding Sure Gamble, a 2nd amped up, same old thing, switching some Peace in Our Time for deuces wild and dropping exer and trope, and adding injects. After about 50 games this deck concept is at 68%; however, I've stopped working on it to play with MaxX instead.