Say Dear, do you remember the time when...

HiddenAway 884

Note: Down the White Nile was not legal at the time of the SC

Didn't fare well in the Store Championship but I've always been looking to try and make something of it.

The general idea was to score False Leads, and forfeit them when they run first or second click to try and prevent possible scores from R&D or to get a free card between accesses. Ikawah Project also triggers the ID (but only if not added to Film Critic).

The ice is big and some probably needs pruning and changing around. I've toyed with Ravana 1.0 but it was a bit useless if it's the only ice you have. Other cards I'd cut include Special Report (as I learned, I was letting agendas pile up in HQ because I wasn't scoring them quickly enough, not because of luck). Heinlein Grid and Mason Bellamy never fired either, but that might be down to my poor play at the time (though Heinlein never fired in testing).

Feel free to mess around with it and let me know if you can make it work better!