The Grand Event Conspiracy - Undefeated GNK

thesubatomic 165


I built this the night before the GNK with the help of my fantastic, Anarch playing, girlfriend!

We sat down, trying to figure out something for me to play, since she was using all of our Temujin Contracts, and we were unsure that our second copy of Blood Money would arrive in time for me to build for the GNK. So, we resolved to build a deck that didn't need Temujin Contract for economy and we arrived at Omar.

We wanted to take full advantage of Obelus' card draw and hand size, so we arrived at running three Account Siphon. We also decided to rely on an entirely Event-based economy, since we plan on floating tags throughout the game. I'll go into more detail about card choices below.

-Notable Card Choices-

Day Job - I didn't use these too often throughout the day, but they were included to get a turn of burst economy before runs, if needed. With Obelus keeping your hand size high, if you don't need these at the time, you can just sandbag them.

Inject - We needed more draw power in the deck early on, and Inject helped with that. Obvious plus side of dumping Black Orchestra and Paperclip into the trash for us.

Obelus - This card is AMAZING. There are a lot of tag decks going around these days, and Obelus makes it that much easier to beat them. Extra tags allow you to hold one-of's and situational cards in your hand until the right moment, while still allowing you to proceed with your normal game plan.

Cutlery - 2x Spooned, 1x Knifed, 1x Forked - We wanted two Spooned because code gates are the worse ice to deal with for this deck, so the fewer we have to deal with, the better. We also want to keep ice on centrals light, and the cutlery generally helps with that.

Black Orchestra - Speaking of code gates, Black Orchestra is terrible, but it is significantly better than the other option(Force of Nature), in my opinion. It's really not too bad most of the time, 3 to beat Enigma is on-par with ZU1, and 3 to beat Lotus Field is something that Yog can't even imagine doing. Datasucker makes this guy go a long way, 3 credits and a Datasucker counter to beat #Turing on remotes isn't bad at all. Although, I wouldn't expect to run remotes that often.

Demolition Run and Amped Up - I stuck these two together because they're best friends. I strongly recommend holding on to these until you're able to land an Account Siphon or Vamp and get the corp low on funds. Then install your second Medium, amp up, and go for the throat. Just like Valencia taught us! Amped Up could really be used whenever. We don't care very much about brain damage. I won a game against @TheBigBoy's Brain Damage ETF, while holding 7 brain damage and still having a full grip.

I think that everything else is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. If you'd like a detailed tournament report, that's probably not going to happen, but I could give some insight into my games if you'd like.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


11 Oct 2016 Exo

Interresting idea. You didn't had the 2x Black Orchestra to your list btw. 43/45 cards. :P

11 Oct 2016 thesubatomic

That's strange, I'm seeing the 2x Black Orchestra on there now. May have been a bug of some sort.

11 Oct 2016 whirrun

Other than Siphon you seem kinda light on credits. Was that a problem at all?

11 Oct 2016 CactusJack

@thesubatomic I'm curious about how well Queen's Gambit worked in this deck. It's a card I don't see played much at my FLGS.

11 Oct 2016 thesubatomic

@whirrunThe deck is kinda light on credits, I agree completely. You only get 48 non-siphon credits throughout the game. Which is fairly light. That being said, I have won games without siphon. Once you get set up, the games close out pretty quickly.

@CactusJack Queen's Gambit was simply "alright". It was nice to have at times. I was torn between it, and Dirty Laundry. I chose gambit because Dirty Laundry doesn't really mesh to well with Omar's ability, and Gambit gives the same return per click, but you get two clicks worth in one card. It could absolutely be subbed out for Dirty Laundry if you wanted.

11 Oct 2016 MisterLovejoy

I never thought about this, but you could Queen's Gambit an unrezzed Prisec in order to not hit it when you run the server for an agenda.

11 Oct 2016 thesubatomic

@MisterLovejoyI don't see why not. That's pretty clever, actually. It didn't come up during the GNK, but that's also a potential upside. Good thought.

11 Oct 2016 RubbishyUsername

What do you do about Exchange of Information?

11 Oct 2016 thesubatomic

@RubbishyUsernameGo fast enough that it doesn't matter. Alternatively, keep the corp poor enough through account siphon/vamp, then build up to make a good Double Medium/Amped Up turn. That one turn should put you close enough to winning that EoI wouldn't matter.

11 Oct 2016 Crauseon

Love it!

11 Oct 2016 Azeltir

No plan against Boom!?

11 Oct 2016 RubbishyUsername

Hard to explode a man with no credits and 13 cards in hand.

12 Oct 2016 thesubatomic

Yeah, that's pretty much my plan against boom. Lots of card draw and hand size from Obelus keeps you out of boom range. If you hold on to one or two I've had worse, you're in the clear!

12 Oct 2016 xarlstaunzund

I feel like a one off Showing Off would be the cherry on top of the Amped Up turn.

12 Oct 2016 lolpaca

I'm not seeing Black Orchestra on there either, and it doesn't seem to be in the nrdb database at all.

That said, super interesting deck and congratulations on the wins!

12 Oct 2016 tradet

If you're having trouble seeing Black Orchestra try to reload (ctrl + r).

13 Oct 2016 lolpaca

Did you consider Joshua B. at all? I know the corp can just trash him given that you plan to be tagged to the nines, but you could drop him down at key moments to give them a choice between scoring that agenda or letting you have 5 clicks next turn. Plus 1 to install, 2 to trash isn't a bad trade. Just a thought!

13 Oct 2016 lolpaca

He'd also be particularly annoying right after you've bankrupted them with Siphon or Vamp. Might give it a try myself in the Queen's Gambit slot.

21 Oct 2016 rapanui

Hi, I've been having a lot of fun with your decklist! A couple of things I've noticed- you may not actually need to ever use Omar's ability for it to be useful- they will ice up Archives preemptively. Also, some amount of the time I end up kinda short on money. If you can't land a siphon (because you haven't found the right breakers or because they can spend out on assets), it's hard to get any momentum going. How do you deal with that? How do you play against CtM asset spam in general? It's hard to trash their stuff and keep developing any kind of board. Obviously, trashing multiple things per turn helps...

21 Oct 2016 thesubatomic

I feel like the deck is super-reliant on tempo. If you aren't able to get a good start, you're going to be hurting for the long game. I have considered lists running some number of resources, including Temujin Contract, and just managing your tags until you're set up economy wise. That may be a better option for you. I'd be interested to find out what you learn in your testing, if you decide to go that route. CtM could surely be an issue, but I feel like if your economy is strong enough, you're pretty much set.

24 Oct 2016 codychilton13

@thesubatomicI know it could sound bad, but have you considered the Adam resource that allows you to draw if you don't have cards in hand equal to your man hand size? I'm not sure if that would help or hurt Omar but with his console and a few tags you could be drawing a slight bit faster without always having to run.

24 Oct 2016 codychilton13

Max hand size*

26 Oct 2016 Cyberzack

Hmmm I would gravitate towards including 1 or 2x Eater in a deck like this - what was the line of reasoning that led you to exclude it?

28 Oct 2016 Feed

Have you tried running 3 Stimhacks in this deck? I don't have some of the econ cards listed (Queen's Gambit, Inject, Vamp) so I popped in the Stimhacks, and my god do they work well. Running a remote becomes no big deal, and running R&D without Omar's ability becomes a thing.

28 Oct 2016 whirrun

I built a similar deck (inspired by this) and can vouch for the stims. I also put dirty laundry in my list as Iwas worried about having enough creds.

30 Oct 2016 iBreatheBullets

@Cyberzack why on Earth would you put Eater in this deck?

1 Nov 2016 lolpaca

@iBreatheBullets Account Siphon, Vamp, Medium, Datasucker, all the cutlery... Eater seems pretty good here

1 Nov 2016 lolpaca

I've gone -1 Demolition Run, -1 Amped Up, -2 Queen's Gambit, +2 Eater, +2 Stimhack. Not as flashy but it does the job

1 Nov 2016 thesubatomic

That sounds decent. I had stimhack in my first list but ended up cutting it. It may be worth considering more resources and street peddler to synergize with stimhack. Eater is also an interesting choice worth trying out!

1 Nov 2016 lolpaca

Also, not to rip the soul out of your deck (which I love!) but I'm now been trying -1 Account Siphon, -1 Obelus, +2 Lucky Find. The main hurdle I've been finding is setup money - if you can't get Siphons off early, it can be very difficult to get going at all. My more boring approach is to go a bit less all-in on Siphons & tags, and play more like a standard toolbox Anarch with surprise Siphons.

Street Peddler sounds good, I might try switching out some Day Jobs for those, and I'll probably try to fit a third Same Old Thing in at some point too. Very cool deck, I've really enjoyed tinkering with it!

1 Nov 2016 thesubatomic

Yeah, I think that's a good option. I've considered losing one account siphon for a levy and maybe a Faust also. Then you don't really need credits, just cards. And those are readily available with Obelus.

21 Mar 2017 rezwits

Like some one said above, it's hella "Tempo" based, but... ...if you face check properly and get a Medium, WRAP IT UP! This deck is amazing from a game I played against it... And I mean yeah you could say DLR or something crazy like that but why clog things or tarnish the brute force impact of an improper corp mulligan... :P