Money Ag - T16 Worlds 2019

qvm 1891

This deck went 4-1 in Swiss (4x id) and 1-1 in the cut [playing Ag is a surprisingly great motivation for opponents to agree to an id].

It can both rush or turtle (see round 6 stream for a demonstration of the latter). You can go for single, or double remote plays (more boop targets!).

Ag is notoriously poor, so I slotted three Daily Quests. This isn't enough though, and Pinsel suggested going from 3 Obo to 3 SSL. Another change in testing was adding the two crisiums, as nisei and boop are not enough against apoc.

Shoutout to @LukeNukem for also playing the deck, and thanks everyone for a great weekend!

10 Oct 2019 Saan

Wait a sec, there's no Border Control in this deck! I feel like you missed a memo or something about deck construction in 2019.

All joking aside, grats on a great finish =)

10 Oct 2019 qvm

Every unrezzed ice is a border control for AgInfusion!

Now I know you were joking, but just to explain: with border control I could fire two end the runs, but I have learned that I don't usually fail because I don't have enough etrs, but because the remote isn't taxing enough.

14 Oct 2019 rustryder

So you made the change to 3 SSLs? is the 1 Obo worth the unicorn or have you considered a MoGo?

super cool deck and great meeting you in person :)

15 Oct 2019 qvm

3 SSL is the right call, because you can push them through and maintain tempo. The fourth agenda could be tfp, but I don't want to play even more psi games. Obo can still be disruptive, even as a 1-of.

Mogo was great post rotation, because there was almost no central pressure. In today's meta where everyone has an answer to mythic, and more central pressure, I'm not sure it's great. It wouldn't change the deck though, so feel free to try!

Thx, likewise. I won't be on jnet much in the near future, but we'll surely play another time:)