Deep Space Tax - 1st Place - Greenlake Games Store Champions

pandapersona 2609

Greenlake Games Store Championship 2/21/2015

This is the Gagarin deck that I took to the Greenlake Games Store Championship (24 people) and placed 1st with. It won 4 of the 7 games played.

This deck is based around taxing out the runner. To do this effectively, you need to play high impact assets. Things like The Root, IT Department, and Ash 2X3ZB9CY need to be trashed. Fortunately for you, you get to tax the runner who goes snooping around in space and Paywall Implementation can easily start to gain you quick money.

An inclusion that you may consider weird, Server Diagnostics, is a phenomenal card in this deck. Most taxing decks hit a period of time where you've got a bunch of ice installed, rezzing Server Diagnostics doesn't hurt while you sit back doing things like clicking up IT Department or installing Ash 2X3ZB9CY/other assets. In addition, people don't think about trashing Server Diagnostics as it will probably trash itself and if it is behind a piece of ice, it quickly turns into a 4-6 credit tax.

22 Feb 2015 eXister

Hi! nice tools :) have used Glenn Station ?

22 Feb 2015 thebriarfox

Why Wendigo? That seems a stranger inclusion. Did it hit that often?

22 Feb 2015 eXister

and congrats with 1st place ;)

22 Feb 2015 pandapersona

Thanks for the congratulations!

@eXister Glenn Station is a power house of an agenda. I scored it twice, each time I was able to host an agenda onto it. It's pretty good with all the Wanton Destructions running around.

@thebriarfox Wendigo was included as a fairly taxing, cheap to rez ice. It forces the runner to go get a decode and is outside of Yog.0 range. It also plays well with IT Department.

22 Feb 2015 moistloaf

you won an SC with Server Diagnostics. you are my hero

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@moistloafThanks! Server Diagnostics was an MVP of the deck. It would consistently gain me 10-12 credits before I need to install more ice. Also paired really well with The Root and worked as Account Siphon defense.

23 Feb 2015 CJFM

@pandapersona I can't be more proud of this deck. After hours upon hours of testing, I think we can safely say it's competitive. :) Gratz on the win!

25 Feb 2015 Ber

I assume you're building a small scoring remote that is made strong enough to score out of by protecting it with Ash 2X and/or IT Department? Is that about right?

2 May 2015 benjibot

I've been a Gagarin fanboy ever since I opened the box. I just stumbled across your version, and while realizing that a months old deck has probably changed in the interim (or has been retired) I wanted to say I like the cut of it's jib. Server Diagnostics is a card I've long wanted to work, but always cut, and I can definitely see how well it fits in space. It seems like it would work well with Capital Investors, my MVP in the few games I've played.

19 Aug 2015 Vimes

@benjibot fellow Gagarin Gent here and this looks really interesting to me as well. I'd love to see it updated for all the SanSan cards, and I feel that the assets coming in Universe of Tomorrow will be exceptionally strong for this build. If only I knew how to play IT Department myself.