Full Rime dot deck

Dis 422

Publishing to share the list with someone, nothing to see here ;)

Iterating on the very interesting https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/54971/fully-operational-asastation , realised:

  1. Rime is a neutral pop-up which gave influence back for quest and surveyor

  2. With such tempo efficient draw you can do the old-glacier style 8 agendas and still draw into them at a reasonable pace (RLC for a click and draw 2 is the best feeling in a semi spam deck).

  3. Rime behind Architect is :chef_kiss:. 2x Rime + Surveyor is also a great remote.

  4. Assembly lines fills up a remote in a tempo-positive way and installs things after your big draws. Might consider dropping jeeves for the 3rd AAL and a biotic

  5. ADT is probably worse than CST, just trying it out.

28 Mar 2019 RoRo

Full Rime hot deck

29 Mar 2019 deleriad

Interesting thing I noticed about RLC yesterday in a game. You can't install an agenda with it but you can get your click back and then install the agenda you just drew with RLC the old-fashioned way and, of course, get your ASA bonus.