Just Holo Asa (3-0 1st at Saint-Petersburg H1 Circuit Opener

Amarum 141

This deck is just jan tuno's Stegodon Asa with -1 Tributary +1 Border Control.

Went 3-0, won 2x Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist and 1x Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist.

Just Asa, just installing two cards per turn, play some econs and score out faster than they can setup breakers. Sounds pretty easy, huh?

Actually your gameplan is scoring 4 points with The Holo Man (ideally 2x Offworld Office or Offworld Office + Luminal Transubstantiation). Then you play IAA Ikawah Project and runner can't steal it 'cuz Manegarm Skunkworks +M.I.C or Border Control keeps you agenda in safety space (running out of a spicy ). Be careful of losing from central servers!

Working Prototype for bouncing out their scary cards Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, The Twinning or econ stuff Environmental Testing, Daily Casts and gives us some . I love .

Shoutout to my xiaat boy, who testing with me all the time!

26 May 2024 Mortivor

Mmmm... Tasty!