[Startup] Taxation Office

osintelligence 53

Hi Everyone,

I go by OSIntel and I am relatively new to the world of Netrunner. This is my first attempt at both deck-building and giving a write-up so please feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

The Identity

So, NBN: Reality Plus was the identify in the startup pool that stood out to me. Partially because I really enjoy tags, both mechanically and thematically. However, this identity is not the crutch of the deck, but more of a vessel to help in leveraging small wins over the runner.

A single tag with this identify can put the corp at a 2-3 click advantage (~1-1.5 for 2 or 2 cards for the corp) + (~1-1.5 and 2 spend for the runner to remove the tag.

Not to mention the 40 card minimum seems like a bonus! Smaller card pool, less agenda points required, greater draw consistency.


Consider mulligan for cards like Hedge Fund, Ping, Gold Farmer, Funhouse, Snare!, Daily Quest, Tomorrow's Headline.

This decks weakness is the lack of end the run ice. Whilst much of the NBN ice is heavily taxing on the runner, being costly will not necessarily stop them.

Change History

Remove 2x Sprint > Add 2x Retribution - I found this to be a much needed improvement to the deck to better utilise tags and slow down the runner. Spin Doctor I've found does more than enough for subverting agenda flood.

Remove 2x Neurospike & 1x Ballista > Add 2x Snare! & 1x Anoetic Void - This change has seen some of the greatest results. Neuro + Orbital kill combo almost never came up. Only 1 Anoetic Void felt pretty bad if it was trashed. Snare plays well into this deck for a few reasons: 1. Gives tags triggering identity, 2. Runner accesses more frequently against taxing ICE, 3. Snare psychology! If there's two... there's probably three, right?

Closing Notes

As I get more experienced with the game, I will try to write up potential match-ups that could be commonly faced in startup format.