The train has left the station(9th (4-1) @ Dutch Nats)

Wausser 49

This list is based a small variation on @jakuza 's Rozijnenbol list(which is based on @ryanbantwins winning list). Enhanced Login Protocol was changed for a "Clones are not People" and the Crick was switched for an Architect.

The list went 4-1 with a win against Hayley, Valencia, Geist and Quetzal, and a loss against Hayley. The loss was due to only seeing 1 asset in total(of 10 cards) after mulligan and excellent trashings by my opponent. In the end I finished 9th with the same amount of points as #8, only lagging .12 points in SOS behind.

1st game against @Slowrifs: he was punishing my servers with a Brahman(and 3 paricia's and a misdirection on the board), the moment I drew Swordsman, I was able to bait him into stimhacking in to a 2-Ice remote(Swordsman and Tour Guide), the Stimhack trashed his clone chip and ensured me of the win.

2nd game against John(Valencia): the deck did what it should do, once I was all setup I could score out

3rd game against Ross(Hayley): first hand gave me 3 agendas and 2 ICE, I mulliganed for assets, but it only gave me a Mumba Temple, 2 ICE and 2 agendas. My opponent trashed all the critical pieces a drew in to and once I got everything setup(I was at six points with a Rashida, a DBS and Political Dealings on the board) he launched a last ditch effort at my R&D to pass my 10 sub Tour Guide to steal the winning agenda.

4th game against Joshua(Geist): he left most of my assets uncontested and after I trashed his Aumakua and while I was well on my way to win, he conceded.

5th game against Dennis(Quetzal): also a pretty straight forward game, and a few partial Architect fires(using lamb to make it a barrier and break the first sub with Quetzal's ability) which caused me to gain tempo and outscore.

Once you've got DBS, Jeeves, Team Sponsorship and Political Dealings going, it's almost impossible to stop the scoring train leaving the station. The most awesome trick is revealing an agenda and installing it with Political Dealings, gaining credits for Turtlebacks, then putting it on the bottom of your R&D with DBS. The include of Clones was also very worthwhile. Revealing and installing a Brainstrust(or Philotic or a second Medical Breaktrough). triple advancing it and using the Jeeves click to play Clones and score to win the game.

I would not change much in this deck, the only thing I'm considering is to change the Vanilla to Himitsu-Bako(as @ryanbantwins suggested in his list) to be a bit more flexible in terms availability of Ice, the increased cost should not be a problem. A Mumba Temple can pay for it, or you can pay for it from the credit pool(which you usually have enough of).

Shoutout to @RvdH & @jakuza for the theorycrafting on the Clones and Architect include, @kelfecil for organizing the Dutch Nats and of course to all the teammates from the Enschede meta at the Dutch nationals: @RvdH @Bast10n @WetToastie , Johan, Jan-Jaap & Gijs