if anyone has any tips for winning runner games on stream wo

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...uld greatly appreciate it

1-4 and 4th at Fly to EMEA #1. (5th really, but testrunning had to drop before the cut, thanks friendo.) Yes, all 4 losses were streamed on aksu's YT channel, why do you ask?

Corp deck was Sokka's Ag glacier and went 3-0.

I've been experimenting with different Ari econ packages since the new set dropped, and I can confidently say: this one is the worst one yet, lmao. I played Ashen Epilogue a grand total of 0 times through testing and the event; even with all the program tutors and event draw and LilyPAD you very rarely make it to the bottom of the deck to go for the full reload. It's entirely possible that this is a deckbuilding skill issue - there's 7 inf to play around with between the Miss Bones+Physarum Entangler (though that card is cracked and I wouldn't recommend cutting it), and if you go back to Gachapon or some shit it would probably flow much better. Back to the drawing board.

Speaking of which - it's been Generally Accepted for a while now that asset decks have always been Ari's Achilles heel. I went for the scorched earth solution today with the double Bones, and let me tell you, it did not feel anywhere near enough. Part of the problem is if the asset player wises up and straight up doesn't install ice for the first 4 turns, it's extremely difficult to get any Urban Art Vernissage value going. In previous metas you could still SMC an Ika to kickstart your engine, but with program suites moving to Muse that's not possible (the trojan you pull with Muse needs to enter installed on an ice, so you get cooked by pure horizontal in a way that wasn't an issue with SMC).

The Spec Work/Aesop’s Pawnshop split is of particular interest to me; I've been going back and forth on the numbers for a while now, and the above split is what I've settled on (but my confidence in that number being correct has been, understandably, shaken). I'm not sure how that number changes if the econ reload option of choice is DJ Fenris or Privileged Access or otherwise. Time to lose more games to find out!

The usual shoutouts: thanks to jan tuno, Atien, koga and the rest of the IT crew for putting on a great event; I'll see what I can do for the next one - shoutout to aksu for streaming the whole thing and showing me losing on cam 4x - TAIB for the deck R&D - and the friendos from all over for all your support!

SHAABR friendos

Jai out

31 Mar 2024 London

If there are no ICE I believe ika gets hosted on muse, which is just dandy for UAV purposes.

I have a question though, why no slap vandal? Don't you have issues either not finding breakers or having to muse for smc for breaker (yuck?) or hosting a breaker on muse (double yuck). Could also turn a laundry into an ITD to help find a missing breaker. Also, 2 diesel, wow. Idk how to build Ari.