Fisk the Truth

CJ 175

Ever since I started playing netrunner, I've felt myself drawn to the ways of the Fisk. But recently thats started to feel less like a bad idea, after the release of Find the Truth and Equivocation, which are not only excellent Fisk cards, but lead to a super fun style of play. Lets go !

The Archives Attack

This is the classic fisk playstyle of using Fisk Investment Seminar and Fisks own draw, to fill up HQ too fast for the corp, leading to agendas overflowing to archieves. The addition of Equivocation, speeds this up even faster. Jackson Howard obviously counters this, but he can only do so three times. With Levy you can play FIS 6 times ! Don't want to deal with jackson, use the variant deck with Hades Shard instead !

The R&D attack

The dream situation is a Find the Truth out, an Equivocation installed, and enough credits to access R&D every turn. This gives amazing R&D controll, it digs 3 cards deep for agendas, but ignores traps in the top two cards, and puts 2 cards in HQ like a mini FIS. The only disadvantages are that you can't score multiple agendas in one run and the digging stops if you score one. In Fisk this is both better and cheaper than two RDI.

The HQ attack've added lots of cards to your opponents HQ. They either put them in archieves and leave them there (Great), or recyle them into R&D (Lets dig for them), or they are sitting in HQ. So lets get them from HQ. The Gauntlet is the star of the show here, either HQ is weakly defended so you can check it easily, or if its got multiple ice protecting it, your accesses go up. With Legwork and the Gauntlet you can easily see all of HQ. Info sifting when they have 10 cards in hand is also very fun. An additional note, both Find the Truth and Fisk trigger on HQ access, so you can see if the top card is an agenda, then move it into HQ before the multiaccess !

The Back Up Plan

The other great thing about Find the truth is that it allows targeted runs. If the central serves are getting too expensive for you. Running a remote click 1 is a great play. Lets you see if its worth paying to get into R&D this turn. If not money up for the next turn or blockade runner for cards you want. With Sec testing/Temujin/Dirty Laundry, this R&D spying run can be made very profitable, leaving you rich enough to go in and get what you want!


Strong pressure on HQ and R&D in additon to managing the risk of being milled make for a super fun deck to pilot. A Targeted strike with Find the truth help seal the final points.


Why central breakers ? They help keep your focus where it should be and are cheap to install, you can swap with birds if you like but I found it slowed the deck down.

But find the truth reveals cards? Its less of a disadvantage than you think, the only cards the reveal effects in a big way are inside job and account siphon. If they defend HQ more after seeing you draw siphon, thats fine, you just run R&D. Inside job tends to be an economy card rather than a surpise but if you keep it in hand long enough it can be forgoten about.

Other cards to think about ?

Blockade runner is crazy good. It let me swap from Logos to Gauntlet, and can find you your good cards very quick. Find the Truth and Blockade runner are what you want to mulligan for.

Tapwrm is even better than usual in fisk as a purge turn is a cards build up in hands turn.

Any bad match-ups ?

For the old version of this deck, combo kill was bad, as you accelerate it. But the release of On the Lam helps with that a lot. And you often hit R&D enough to trash Boom. You can probably find room for Aarron Marron too, if that bothers you.

The Levy ?

I like the levy as recurring fisk investment seminars and legworks and economy is great. It also helps alot against damage decks in ensuring that you keep the mill pressure on the corp rather than yourself.
Think you don't need it ? A good use for the influence would be Hades Shard, Employee Strike and Freedom through Equality.

20 Jan 2017 Saracenar

When I saw Equivocation, I immediately thought of Fisk. I like the guy but I've never been able to get him to work well. Your deck looks quite similar to one that I made a little while ago, but haven't tested much. My problem was the breaker suite. Unlike with your suite I tried to fit in breakers that would allow some remote access, because I was worried the Corp could just throw their agendas behind ICE in remotes and then there'd be nothing I could do about them. Have you encountered that situation much?

Whatever the case, I'm interested in hearing how the deck goes.

Would you consider swapping one Equivocation for a Self-Modifying Code? Same influence but it saves you picking up a dead copy of Equivocation later in the game, and you can use it to pull out a breaker that you might be missing if you already have Equivocation out.

20 Jan 2017 Myriad

I feel like you do a few things absolutely right here.

1.)Info Sifting is probably actually worth the include here. If you can land an R&D run and then pop over to HQ, its good, especially if you landed Fisk as your priority.

2.) Gauntlet is compelling and interesting for this deck. Hand multi-access on demand that stacks with Legwork is fantastic! Not to mention the extra MU that you are packing.

There are a few areas that you can probably tighten your concept up though.

1.) I would just change your info sifting into Legwork or drop the info. It doesn't stack with Gauntlet. Either that or run Logos, which will let you assemble your rig or find equivocation that much faster.

2.)Aaron Marron is an auto include. I would put him in over On the Lam.

3.)Run Earthrise over Blockade.

4.) Drop at least 1 finding the truth, maybe even both. They are too influence heavy and Criminals need every pip.

5.) Drop some cards for x3 Special Order. Its necessary, trust me.

6.) Drop a Passport. You should only need 1. Run Paragrine as a backup if you still want a backup breaker (you probably do).

7.) Consider going down to x1 Equivocation if you pursue Logos. You could also just drop Equivocation and pick up x2 Self Modifying Codes.

If you follow my advice you will have 6-9 influence to play around with. That gets you a lot of tricks. Here are my suggested changes.

A.) Slot paperclip. Its a good-un.

That are all of my suggestions! Give a few a try and see where it takes you!

20 Jan 2017 Myriad

I also just thought of Encore. Although it is entirely jank, you could possibly get two triggers in row with Fisk.

It does require extra clicks... but hey, two turns in a row of Fisk Investment, Fisk triggers and Equivocation sounds pretty great to me.

Beth could get you the extra click?

20 Jan 2017 lemonwood

I ran a very similar deck with exclusive party and Aaron instead.

Aaron help you Account Siphon on the last click (If they scored an agenda) after you Fisk Investment Seminar and run R&D (make them draw two more), make them really hurt it.

I really think a Interdiction or Rumor mill helps you with Jackson after they discard half their hand,

21 Jan 2017 Krasty

Did you think about The Black File ? I think it`s mandatory in every Fisk mill deck... :o)

24 Jan 2017 Legitamte

Oh man, I've been trying to build something using this exact combo ever since Equivocation was spoiled! I had given up, but I think Tapwrm, Blockade Runner and Aaron may be the missing pieces. I'll have to give it another try.