bzbzbz.txt (Deck review for a friend)

Ayah 3

First of all I think you did understand the basis of deckbuilding in Netrunner and it shows: I'll still give you a few tips and some possible improvements for your deck, but you're free to just run it this way and realize by yourself what it lacks. First of all, you will want to run 44 cards, which will help with your low ICE count, hide your agendas more, and give you slots for one of the best econ cards you can use : Marilyn Campaign

We need to thin up on those one slots, to aim at better consistency, and really think of what we're doing with the deck : This might be controversial but I think Biotic Labor is NOT what we're doing here. No 2/1s for me means no biotic labor needed. We now have 6 open slots. Corporate Hospitality as a Double Operation might not be a two slots for me, it might just be one of our one slots. 7 slots open. I don't think Your Digital Life fits this deck, and you might need the influence for later, don't worry, I got you covered for econ. 8 slots.

Let's just consider you run 3 more ICEs which will bring you to 12, and let's round 'em up :

•Barriers : Remove 1 Eli 1.0, add 1 Brân 1.0 and 1 Ablative Barrier

•Code Gates : remove 1 Ravana 1.0, add 1 Tollbooth and 1 Enigma

•Sentries : remove 1 Tithe and add one more of Ansel 1.0 and Sorocaban Blade.

Now that's it for the ICEs, we have 5 slots left and we're still at 11 Influence, here's the biggest beef I have with the deck right now : Why wouldn't you run 3 Spin Doctor ? you got that influence left, give yourself a little treat. I really dig those 2 Snare! ! 3 is sometimes a bit too much, and you need slots for the 3 Marilyn Campaign you're about to add. A Snare is useless if you can't pay the 4 after all uh ?

We got plenty of influence and one slot left, so now is when we ask ourselves : Should I be reasonable, play another Sprint, or find a way to fuck shit up ? Enters Clearinghouse. The surprise du Chef. The Cherry On Top. Raise Hell with a nice and comfy server, protected by a Manegarm Skunkworks, a Tollbooth and watch the horror on the runner's face as you're advancing Clearinghouse with your Seamless Launch. Is it an agenda ? What is this card with 5 advancement counters ? No, you little anarchist punk. This is a fucking Clearinghouse. And you just got flatlined.

12 May 2024 Ayah

Just realized I didn't delve into the agendas, I'll check it out a bit later

13 May 2024 Tyta

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