Scar Tissue [Start Up]

Sarmatian 124

One random night while grinding PE matches on Jinteki, I ran across an opponent running basically this deck. I had not seen a runner that I thought looked fun in the Parhelion rotation until I played against this. (Side note: I forget who shared this list with me. Come claim your credit where it is due if you inspired me!) Since I picked this up, I haven't played any other runner. I've tried running Loup decks in the past, but Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga adds the necessary pressure to enable the other pieces to get their maximum value.

The initial list had some differences: +1 Revolver, -1 WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ, +2 Liberated Account, -2 Dirty Laundry, +3 Raindrops Cut Stone, -2 Nga. So why the changes?

I knew right away that I didn't need two guns. Breakers as a whole rarely get installed with the way I pilot the deck. Buzzsaw is a must include to keep from getting locked out by Magnet, but honestly the other two breakers could probably be cut altogether in favor of card draw or anything that applies early pressure if you're brave enough. I initially shifted that influence over to a second Tranquilizer, but far too often it would get stranded in my hand or fed to Bankhar. I hate seeing my influence go out the window that consistently, so I opted for the Wake. It allows you to keep up pressure on HQ even when your opponent keeps it clean while also making your likely more expensive R&D runs more impactful. I also cut the LIberated fairly early in my journey with this list because most of the time 6 credits was just way too big of a tempo hit. Dirty Laundry lets you gain some quick cash now while still applying pressure. Once I made that decision, ditching the Raindrops in favor of Nga was an easy choice. Reliable sabotage pressure while already doing the other things I want to be doing was too good to pass up. Running on HQ? Make your opponent thin their hand before the access step or have to go blind off the top of the deck. Running Archives? Make them throw one more card in there before you access. That might not seem like much, but it doesn't take very long before the sabotax adds up.

Now for the elephant in the room: Pantograph? Really???

This card is deceptively good in a build like this. Very often this decks runs low to the ground on credits in favor of early pressure. This console synergizes quite well with what you already want to do. I believe it is the only way in the current Start Up card pool to get a virus sabotage install on your opponent's turn. If you don't already have a Bankhar down, sneaking one in play after they have spent a whole turn getting an agenda scored is a pretty nasty surprise. Even on your turn, getting a Time Bomb down right after an agenda snipe early can tilt things. Basically, I read this console as: pay 2 credits, gain 1 MU, and 5-6 credits and clicks throughout the game. It's the clicks that edge out other options like a Pennyshaver for me.

I like playing this deck because I think it feels the way Anarch should feel. Give me money and cards for busting your shit, which I will then throw in the garbage so I can blow up even more of your stuff. Cut me up, I don't care, I'll hurt you worse than you can hurt me. If that sounds like fun, give it a try and let me know what you think.

26 Feb 2023 x3r0h0ur

This deck is nuts good, and there are a few flex slots to fit the pilot, making it your own. Can't wait to adapt this to "modern" format and extract tears.

27 Feb 2023 Sarmatian

@x3r0h0ur I've already got my Modern deck built. Looking forward to "sharing" it with you.

27 Feb 2023 stumpy_man

Most consistent Anarch in the format.

27 Feb 2023 moistloaf

Imp hitting the table with 3 counters is just brutal.

27 Feb 2023 Oddball

I love your deck! I've been playing a somewhat similar deck (that I'll publish shortly), but have some two suggestions:

Into the Depths is beyond fantastic with Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga. Being able to break into HQ early and summon a Imp (or Nga) can bring a ton of pressure.

Have you tried Mayfly? It feels really great with a light breaker suite and is a lot cheaper to use when their outermost ice costs you nothing (other than your own cards) to get through.

28 Feb 2023 Sarmatian

@Oddball Thanks for the kind words! In a version where I get brave enough to dump the Cleaver and Revolver, I could ditch the WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ as well and insert two Into the Depths. With the extra slot, I could add at least one Mayfly. I'm definitely going to think on that a bit. Thanks for the suggestions!

28 Feb 2023 Sarmatian

@moistloafCookbook lends an extra turn worth of speed to all of the other viruses as well, playing right into that early pressure plan. It's just sooo good here.