Lockdown #15 Null is only 2 ID points huh

SimplyTheOnion 43

This is the Null I brought to the 15th Lockdown.

He is surprisingly strong with the new anarch breakers and leech. Otherwise this deck is a pretty standard anarch list. I chose to not go for devilcharm + chisel since I was expecting the meta to be fairly light on ICE and added 2 scrubbers since I thought that asset spam was well positioned in the meta.

The deck did fairly well in the swiss (2-2) with one of my losses being to a punitive after I stole 6 points from archives and the other being to HPT after a misplay by me for floating a tag at a bad point in time.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to participate in the cut due to time issues. Thanks to Vesper for organizing another fun lockdown and to DeeR and ArminFirecracker for testing with me a bit for the event!