Contains Dairy Jemison - Belgian Nationals 2022 - 5th Place

manicmoleman 490

Why does it contain dairy? Because it's cheesy

I have form when it comes to playing Jemison decks named after dietary requirements, and having been a bit out of the game for a while I decided to make a deck I was comfortable playing for Belgian Nationals.

Some plays which are fun with the deck include using Tithonium and Archer to put additional tokens on City Works Project mid run, or if you've got an Oberth Protocol installed, after they commit to access for a surprise kill. Mavirus helps keep Aumakua decks at bay, and I've had a few program wipes by purging so they hit Archer or Tithonium. Ark Lockdown and Mavirus are there against Clot, but you also occasionally manage to surprise people by removing Paperclip from the game. As I said, all pretty cheesy plays!

The strangest card in the deck is probably Jua. I can't really justify it, I just had two influence spare and needed more ICE! It does slow the runner down though, and fits with the other anti-Paperclip tech cards.

I don't think this deck is particularly well placed in the meta at all, what with Endurance being pretty ubiquitous. Makes trashing or removing from the game icebreakers an inconvenience rather than a game loss in most cases. Still, it went 3-2 in Swiss in Belgian Nationals, which I was pleased with:

Round 1 - Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician - Win

I got very lucky with a Deep Dive whiff and was able to remove one Engolo from the game, which bought me enough time to fast advance. My favourite play was Tim hitting a Jua and letting it fire, putting Self-modifying Code on top of their stack, meaning I could fast advance on my next turn without fear of Clot!

Round 2 - Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist - Loss

A combination of Chastushka and The Twinning completely wrecked me this game! Didn't manage to get going fast enough

Round 3 - 419: Amoral Scammer - Win

I managed to get a Tithonium to fire thanks to Mavirus clearing an Aumakua, trashing it and a Bukhgalter. On the next run my Stavka trashed my opponent's Unity and they conceded.

Round 4 - Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist - Loss

Despite getting both Black Orchestras removed from the game early, I wasn't able to properly capitalise as they were playing Endurance. My opponent also played Pinhole Threading to clear rezzed Oberth Protocols early game, so I wasn't able to reuse them to score additional agendas after the first, then Stargate brought the game to a close.

Round 5 - Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman - Win

A surprise 7 strength Stavka trashed a loaded Hyperbaric, and I was able to capitalise on that by jamming agendas with an Audacity fast advance to finish. In this game, as well as round 1 come to think of it, I trashed a freshly installed Daily Casts with Above the Law early game, which felt great!

26 Sep 2022 rubenpieters

Awesome to see the full list, wondering why the 1 of biotic and not just 3 audacity? By the way, I didn't play pinhole round 4, that card wasn't in my deck. I just ran the remote fair and square :)

26 Sep 2022 ayyyliens

@rubenpietersProbably to do some oberth bullshit combo from hand. Its a moleman deck, I dont think any wordly powers can comprehend how his mind works.

26 Sep 2022 theoneakaneo

@ayyyliens you mean worldly* :) and it seems perfectly logical thinking to me :p

26 Sep 2022 manicmoleman

Ahh, my mistake! I've tried playing 3 Audacity and I often found they'd clash in my hand, or I'd draw them with 2 Agendas in hand and not be able to use them. I really see it more as a finisher rather than a mid game card, unless you've got a Spin Doctor around.

26 Sep 2022 theoneakaneo

was a blast to play again as usual a lot of thinking was involved :)

27 Sep 2022 Cluster Fox

There were many tales told about the abundance of programtrashing instigated by the man from Norwich.. So happy to be able to hang out with you this weekend, hope to see you in November, mate!