Glitch 385

This is my rendition of the infamous N.E.A.R.P.A.D/Shark Tank decks made famous by Toomin and dodgepong. I've been playing this version for a while now with great success! The main differences in my build are:

-2 Encryption Protocol, +2 Executive Boot Camp. This actually used to be 2 copies of Psychic Field but I found that people were just too afraid to run facedown remotes, so it was a wasted trap. Executive Bootcamp has been a fantastic help for the deck, both for aiding my ice against Valenicia, and for fetching key assets to help my game progress.

-3 NAPD Contract, +3 Private Security Force. I made this switch recently primarily due to the fear of the new Noise decks that only run once or twice per game. Now, once scored, the runner has no breathing room, no recovery time. If the runner decides to sit back and draw up, snipe 3 cards on your turn. Really turn the pressure up.

-1 Marked Accounts, +1 Cyberdex Virus Suite. No more running archives over and over for Datasucker tokens, no more running R&D over and over to build up your Medium. No more pooling Virus tokens period.

SanSan City Grid. Being able to switch it up to a FA game has been a remarkable change for the deck in my experience. That threat of rushing out agendas and getting the AstroTrain going really puts the runner in a bad spot, and forces those runs so DRT can fire.

15 Feb 2015 ItJustGotRielle

With all the tagging you are looking to do, why not Market Research? Only takes a scored Astro and a Sansan to close the door on a winning three - pointer if you can get to 4 points!

I like using EBC for the last two influence, much better choice for this style than Eli. Does being so light on ice means Keyhole and Indexing demolish the deck?

15 Feb 2015 Glitch

Market Research is a great call actually, one I oddly hadn't considered. I may give that a whirl to see how it pans out over NAPD and PSF.

The deck actually has no issues at all with Keyhole or Indexing, honestly, since this deck really punishes continuous runs. This is especially true if you're able to get a Data Raven over R&D, it begs the question "what is this run worth to you?" Indexing actually suffers the most to this since it requires 2 runs to make the most of it. You can really play mind games with the runner when they play Indexing by rezzing a single DRT, having them take 2 damage, and then rezzing a second one when they attempt to go in for the steal.

16 Feb 2015 dodgepong

Very interesting rendition, and thanks for the shoutout!

Executive Boot Camp sounds like an interesting include, especially for those times where you just can't find a DRT or City Surveillance and you'd really like one right about now. Private Security Force sounds like a fun addition as well instead of NAPD...have you found that you're able to reliably score one out? I always found that NAPDs were hard to score and mostly treated them as a runner tax, willing to give up 2 points for the sake of them losing 4 credits. Market Research also sounds fun, though again, it suffers from the issue of being a 4-pointer. I guess 4-pointers are easier to score if you have a SanSan + Astro token already available.

The Cyberdex include is interesting...I suppose I haven't played against an Incubator/Hivemind/Triple Medium deck yet that can make a super-run on R&D (and if I see Mediums piling up, I usually just toss more stuff over R&D). Other than that, I usually don't care much about viruses unless it's Chakana or Imp, I suppose. How has that include worked out so far?

16 Feb 2015 Glitch

@dodgepong With the inclusion of SanSan City Grid I've been able to more reliably score PSF. It's obviously easiest with an Astro token, but even just faking it as a Snare! is enough to make the runner think twice about running it.

Cyberdex Virus Suite has been an instrumental help so far. I've played the new runless Noise deck a few times, and each time it's been worth the include. It's been accessed during a Medium dig once, and also bought me a scoring window when I faced down double Chakana (I'm pretty sure in that game it ended up purging around 20 tokens). I've started to add 1 to every corp deck I fiddle around with.

16 Feb 2015 vor_lord

Isn't Executive Boot Camp itself a counter to Indexing anyway? Like a facedown Jackson, you can just wait until before they access on the subsequent R&D run, trash EBC and shuffle.

I like the deck but how do you afford anything? No Sweeps Week or Hedge Fund (though I can see Diversified Portfolio takes the place of Hedge).

16 Feb 2015 Glitch

@bw between PAD Campaign, Marked Accounts, Pop-Up Window and Diversified Portfolio I've never actually had any issues with credits, including when I've been hit by Account Siphon. There may be some games in which you click for credits, but honestly those games are very few and far between. This sort of deck doesn't really require a huge flow of credits right off the hop, like the typical Fastro decks do.

16 Feb 2015 dodgepong

I'll add that this deck creates an absurd number of servers, such that Diversified Portfolio can reliably gain 5 or more credits with each play. My record is +16 credits (17 servers).