My review has been removed. I've reasoned it very likely doesn't create an infinite loop when combo'd with Paparazzi. Too bad. Would've been fun. How it likely functions, is that it triggers once, "clears the tag" if the trace fails, Paparazzi tags again, then the turn ends. Shame.

When I first saw Clyde Van Rite, I thought he would be a great fit for Jinteki prison decks. Jinteki: Potential Unleashed + Hostile Infrastructure + Bio-Ethics Association + Clyde Van Rite = lose 1 credit and 2 cards each turn (minimum), or lose 3 cards, Runner's choice. Throw a Scarcity of Resources or Housekeeping on top of that, and you're potentially creating a huge tempo hit.

However, that's a lot of influence for an ID with only 12 influence to spend. Where else might Mr. Van Rite shine? How about Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach? Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach + any advertisement that can rezzed at the beginning of the Corp's turn + Clyde Van Rite + Bryan Stinson = lose 1-2 or 1 and a card, and if that 1-2 loss puts you below 6, I play a transaction on my first click from archives. Considering all of the cards NBN has in-faction to drain the Runner of credits, NBN may be Mr. Van Rite's "home away from home."

I struggle to think of how well Weyland will make use of him. Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon + Crisium Grid + Off the Grid + Clyde Van Rite = the runner loses 1 or a card, and then on their turn has to spend at least 2 s to run HQ, trash Crisium, then run Clyde's server. I'm not going to calculate the cost, becuase that's infinitely variable, however, throw Service Outage or Enhanced Login Protocol on top of that to make the runs even harder.

I'm struggling even harder to see how HB might use this card, so I'll leave that to the rest of you.

On his own, Clyde Van Rite probably isn't the strongest of cards. 2 rez, 3 trash puts it right in range of Whizzard: Master Gamer, Scrubber, and Paricia - all favored hate cards. Perhaps this is a good thing. Will the runner spend their and recurring s to trash Clyde when there may be better choices for them to make? Could that spent and s create a small tempo hit and a window from which the Corp can score? Of course the card is countered out right by Rumor Mill, Hacktivist Meeting, Political Operative, Drive By, and Councilman; many cards are vulnerable to these cards and always have been and always will be - counter play is intentional.

Cards don't exist in a vacuum, and other than acting as bait for wasting the Runner's s and s, Clyde Van Rite can be setup as a trap with various upgrades: Prisec, Hokusai Grid, and Mumbad Virtual Tour to name a few. ICE of course always adds a layer of the unknown.

In the end, only thorough play-testing will reveal just how good, or bad Clyde Van Rite may be, and where he truly shines and loses. I can't wait to see how he's used.

Clyde Van Rite also looks to shine out of the upcoming Skorpios ID. Along with Underway Renovation for extra milling and with City Surveillance (influence willing) for an additional tax, you could end up decking the running while removing their most important cards from the game. —
@YourGo - Indeed! Good calls! I knew I had not thought of everything. City Surveillance + CVR is pretty interesting. Perhaps in an NBN deck with Breaker Bay Grid? You've got my wheels spinning! That you for your contribution! —

Scarcity of Resources is a great early game tempo hit vs resource reliant Runners. With many great resources out there right now, Scarcity can really put the runner in a hole while trying to set up. In comparison to Housekeeping, it has a slight edge: it effects every resource installed, not just the first. It loses vs Housekeeping, because Housekeeping affects any card type, and causes a discard - potentially more valuable than .

This is where your decision comes in. If you're looking to crush the Runner financially, Scarcity of Resources may be for you. If you're looking to deck the Runner and lower their grip, Housekeeping is preferred.

This card is potentially better than Kati Jones. Installs for 0, and after a 6 investment (which get back when you Algo), it starts boosting itself. Yes, it's 1 less , but it's also 1 more each turn. It's a value judgement - is 1 more worth 1? I think so.

Additional thought. It has similar synergy with Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord as Technical Writer and Tech Trader do. +1-3 when trashed, and +1 card, depending on the number of Tech Traders installed when ,. Also, like Technical Writer, and unlike Kati Jones, it's not unique, so you can have all 3 out simultaneously building credits.

One thing to consider, Kati is re-usable and cheaper up front. If you say "Mopus is better than Codebusting because it never runs out" you also say "Kati is better than Algo." And if you say "Codebusting is better than Mopus because it takes less of a upfront cost," you say "Kati (2) is better than Algo (6 over 2 turns)." —

Finally the dream of using Brain-Taping Warehouse to rez your Bioroid ICE at the beginning of the runner's turn is real! You can also use it to chain-rez any ICE that costs 2s, or less, for rapid glacier deployment, that works during the run. Also works on upgrades and assets - so rez that cheap ICE, then follow it up with Caprice Nisei and Ash 2X3ZB9CY!

Interestingly, there is no paid ability window before the very first click -- i.e. between 1.2 and 1.3. So Brain Taping can only reduce cost by 3c? —
Check out the new FAQ . It is —
The card you rez per "you may rez another card" is not restricted to being in the same server as SCG. So you could potentially rez a SCG on R&D when the runner runs there, rez the approached ICE then rez that Ash in the remote. If the runner continues the run you could do the same on the next piece of ICE: rez it, then rez that Caprice in the Ash-server (or an ICE protecting HQ, or what have you). —
I can see this being useful in NEXT builds as it'll help you get em all rezzed quickly and cheaply. —
It was pointed out in another comment section, but this card combined with a proper little setup for it can be used to counter [Blackmail](/en/card/04089) of all things, due to the fact you can use it to rez a card (any card) outside of the server where Surat is installed in. So you could have some fun counters with Blackmail when they aren't expecting it. —
Disregard my last comment; forgot that 'Cannot' overrides it from Blackmail. —
@Aryn Your comment's fine, you just can't pull that trick during the Blackmail run itself. —
Now that Haas-Bioroid: Architects of Tomorrow is out, and I've gotten some more play with this card, I realize that I've been limiting myself by ONLY thinking about the BTW+SCG combo. SCG can be crazy good. Combo it with Executive Bootcamp and you can chain rez like crazy. If you build horizontally, you can chain lateral ICE rezes. It works with other HB cards: Howler, Awakening Center, Minelayer, ABT, Eliza's Toybox, Lateral Growth. You can get what I'd call loops with cards like: Advanced Assembly LInes, Localized Product Line, Tech Startup, Interns. And lets not forget, it works with Priority Requisition. Oh man, I'm blowing my own mind! —