I'm testing two of these in NEH Astrobiotics in place of 1 Fast Track and 1 Marked Accounts. Smoothing draws is always good, and it's even better because on turns when you're able to capitalize it, it doubles your chances of drawing an Astro. There is also some minor synergy - if you draw from the NEH ability on the runner's turn, via Architect, you get to use Daily Business Show then too.

Architect states "look at the top 5 cards", you don't draw them. shouldn't trigger if I'm not mistaken —
Architect also lets you install cards. If you do so and create a new server, it triggers NEH's ability on the runner's turn, which triggers Daily Business Show. —

The obvious place to try this is in NEH Astrobiotics, where it can rez a SanSan City Grid for free. You could switch the 2x Breaking News for two of these. I think it will end up being worse; the ability to just score a 2/1 with no fast-advance resources is strong. And it's not clear when scoring a License Acquisition is good. Late game you probably don't need another SanSan, and early game you would rather just score an Astro.


This seems promising in flatline Jinteki. 3 credits for a str-5 sentry is a good deal, and they can't afford to break this too many times. They will probably run through it, and the goal is to boost the trace when you know you can kill them as a result.

Compare this to Pup; it costs 2 more, is similarly taxing when they don't use a breaker, but is much harder to Parasite and has upside in that you can boost the trace to ensure some net damage.


This is another mid-cost program-trashing ICE. It is good for the corp to have a variety of these available (even if only one is in your deck), because it is more likely the runner will play around the wrong one.

You should expect to pay 8 for Sagittarius on the first rez if you want to hit a program. It looks weak at taxing since it is just trace 2, but remember that the runner cannot afford to just run through it and pay the trace, since at any point you can decide to boost the trace to 5. Note that the whole cycle of these tracing ICE synergize well with Making News and Primary Transmission Dish, since it's easier to boost to 5 repeatedly.

That said, it is still probably weaker than Ichi 1.0 in taxing decks, since Ichi taxes icebreakers harder, and if the runner is using 2 clicks to get by Ichi the glacier deck is happy. I don't see current decks making room for this.


This could replace Gila Hands Arcology in a HBFA deck that wants to use the Accelerated Beta Test ability - i.e. The Foundry: Refining the Process. It also puts more counters on a scored Efficiency Committee which combos with Shipment from SanSan. The Foundry hasn't seen success so far, and HBFA has not been putting up especially strong results recently. If that changes, consider this card in the 2x 3/1 agenda slot.

The other competitive HB archetype is glacier, and in those decks this could trigger a Priority Requisition a second time. For decks that run the 3322222211 agenda split, this could also push you towards running 3x Efficiency Committee instead of a 3/2.

Bifrost Array has a new friend in Research Grant. —