Has no ETR. I know it is strong, at the end, but has no etr. The great thing is that it costs only 1 + an agenda, the bad thing is that if the runner meets this and suffers ALL subroutines in 2 turns he can play again while if he meets an archer, beh...except shapers will be a really longer thing.

Jemison - imagine this card in Jemison in near future :) —

Beh with yog is strong. Oh so u trashed enigma cuz was useless?? Kk, just run r&d until you will find nothing useful and then add enigma on top. It will permit you to gain datasucker tokens and credits from desperado. Always a good thing.

I'm really struggling to find a reason to put a card in my deck designed to give trashed cards back to the Corp. —
We all are, lol! —
Clearly an anti-archives trigger card (not that its effective). Now, if it read 'Whenever you make a successful run on Archives, before access, you may choose 1 faceup card from Archives and add it to the top of R&D.' then maybe. MAYBE. Would make IG hurt a little less at least. —
Honestly waiting for an Anarch or Crim card that will punish Corps for using transactions for the first time. If that's the case, then put Record Reconstructor and make them pray. —
I have found putting one of these into some Anarch decks is nice for removing a Cyberdex from Archives. An early Cyberdex against Noise is brutal. —

When i saw this ice i thought "ahah, funny". Now i think it is AWESOME. Lose a click OR etr. Unbreakable. With a trace 2. On HQ makes u less hittable from siphons, on r&d tax, on remotes taxs and makes a funny combo with Heinlein Grid. I tried it in 2 total different decks(an HB with heinlein and, actually , a NBN: Making News so damn strong) and both times it has a central role. But i thought was just a funny to play ice. Not one of the strongest i've never use. Don't believe me? Try it.

There really needs to be a "Nightman" ICE, and a "Dayman" breaker. —

Damn cool! I can install without paying the click and reducing the cost of the thing, not bad. And The corp will no know what I want to do until 'll do it. The only weakness is the fact we could find events and be constrict to trash them too, but still a great card!

Sounds like the kind of card you want in a Noise deck where your only event is Déjà Vu. Get a cheaper virus install for a paid ability, and potentially toss programs into your Heap for later recursion :) —
Indeed you don't spare a click, because it is spent to play... Street Peddler. —