20 cards

Program • Install: 1 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 3

When your turn begins, place 1 power counter on Trope.

click, remove Trope from the game: Shuffle 1 card from your heap into your stack for each power counter on Trope.

"Did you ever notice how everything goes in cycles? The stuff that's cool now was cool before. That's why I keep copy of everything!" -Princess Space Kitten
Anarch • Reiko Murakami • Old Hollywood 81
Resource: Virtual • Install: 1 • Influence: 3

Whenever the Corp scores an agenda, he or she trashes the top card of R&D.

Don't you hate it when you know everything before it's even out?
Anarch • James Ives • Old Hollywood 82
Resource: Connection • Install: 1 • Influence: 1

When your turn begins, lose 1credit.

When the Corp's turn begins, draw 1 card.

"Just a bunch of knockoffs for the touristos. The real designer stuff isn't sold on the street."
Criminal • Antonio De Luca • Old Hollywood 83
Drug Dealer
Resource: Virtual • Install: 0 • Influence: 1

When you install Rolodex, look at the top 5 cards of your stack and arrange them in any order.

When Rolodex is trashed, trash the top 3 cards of your stack.

"I told you to lose my number!"
Criminal • Seage • Old Hollywood 84
Resource: Virtual • Install: 0 • Influence: 1

Whenever the Corp scores an agenda, add Fan Site to your score area as an agenda worth 0 agenda points.

Your life is not your own, once you become famous on the Net.
Shaper • Matt Zeilinger • Old Hollywood 85
Fan Site
Resource: Connection • Install: 1 • Influence: 1

Film Critic can host a single agenda.

Whenever you access an agenda, you may host that agenda on Film Critic (the agenda is no longer being accessed and is uninstalled).

click,click: Add an agenda hosted on Film Critic to your score area.

"My gerbil could write a better screenplay."
Shaper • Georgi Georgiev • Old Hollywood 86
Film Critic
Resource • Install: 0 • Influence: 0

You are tagged.

Prevent all meat damage.

"Yeah, we know right where she is. Just pull up Sizzler!"
Neutral • JB Casacop • Old Hollywood 87
Asset: Bioroid • Rez: 3 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 3

Whenever the Runner trashes a Corp card (including Ronald Five), he or she loses click.

"It's our most pirated property ever. Great work, everyone."
Haas-Bioroid • Smirtouille • Old Hollywood 88
Ronald Five
ICE: Sentry - Bioroid - Destroyer - AP • Rez: 1 • Strength: 5 • Influence: 2

As an additional cost to rez Enforcer 1.0, the Corp must forfeit an agenda.

The Runner can spend click to break any subroutine on Enforcer 1.0.

subroutine Trash 1 program.

subroutine Do 1 brain damage.

subroutine Trash 1 console.

subroutine Trash all virtual resources.

Haas-Bioroid • Andreas Zafiratos • Old Hollywood 89
Enforcer 1.0
ICE: Trap • Rez: 2 • Strength: 0 • Influence: 3

Whenever It's a Trap! is exposed, do 2 net damage.

subroutine The Runner trashes 1 of his or her installed cards. Trash It's a Trap!.

I warned you.
Jinteki • Liiga Smilshkalne • Old Hollywood 90
It's a Trap!
Operation • Cost: 4 • Influence: 3

Choose a central server. The runner may initiate a run on that server during which he or she cannot jack out. Otherwise, add An Offer You Can't Refuse to your score area as an agenda worth 1 agenda point.

Jinteki • A. Jones • Old Hollywood 91
An Offer You Can't Refuse
Identity: Division • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15

The Runner cannot steal more than one agenda each turn.

Home of Your Imagination.
NBN • Emilio Rodriguez • Old Hollywood 92
Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed
Agenda: Sensie • Adv: 3 • Score: 1

If Award Bait is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.

When the Runner accesses Award Bait, you may place up to 2 advancement tokens on a card that can be advanced.

NBN • Clark Huggins • Old Hollywood 93
Award Bait
Agenda: Sensie • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

If Explode-a-palooza is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.

When the Runner accesses Explode-a-palooza, you may gain 5credit.

It's like Lethal Action 3, only with more explosions.
NBN • Mike Nesbitt • Old Hollywood 94
Asset • Rez: 0 • Trash: 2 • Influence: 3

When your turn begins, you may pay 1credit. If you do, place 1 advancement token on a card that can be advanced in a server.

NBN • Antonio De Luca • Old Hollywood 95
Early Premiere
Operation: Condition • Cost: 0 • Influence: 2

Install an agenda from HQ faceup and install Casting Call on that agenda as a hosted condition counter with text "Whenever the Runner accesses this agenda, he or she takes 2 tags."

NBN • Smirtouille • Old Hollywood 96
Casting Call
Upgrade: Region • Rez: 5 • Trash: 4 • Influence: 2

The Runner cannot steal agendas accessed from this server, even during the run on which they trash Old Hollywood Grid. Ignore this ability for any agenda the Runner has a copy of in their score area.

Limit 1 region per server.

Errata from CR 1.2

NBN • David Ogilvie • Old Hollywood 97
Old Hollywood Grid
Agenda: Initiative - Public • Adv: 5 • Score: 3

Install Hollywood Renovation faceup.

Whenever you advance Hollywood Renovation, you may place 1 advancement token on another card that can be advanced (or 2 advancement tokens instead if there are 6 or more advancement tokens on Hollywood Renovation).

Weyland Consortium • David Ogilvie • Old Hollywood 98
Hollywood Renovation
Operation: Transaction • Cost: 0 • Influence: 1

Trash a card installed in a server and gain 3credit for each advancement token on that card.

Sometimes corps have to bury projects, but that doesn't mean they can't make a profit on them.
Weyland Consortium • Smirtouille • Old Hollywood 99
Back Channels
Agenda • Adv: 6 • Score: 4

DOROTHY (Miranda) gazes out at the horizon. A sudden gust of wind catches her hair. Above the windblasted prairie loom ominous STORM CLOUDS.
DOROTHY: If only I wasn't in Kansas anymore.
She begins to hum a haunting melody.
Neutral • Ashley Witter • Old Hollywood 100
Vanity Project

20 cards