Macho Man Reina Savage

itsbigfoot 2811

Thread on how to play/tweaking options

12 Mar 2015 Groober

Sweet deck. I've been playing it lots, and it leads to lots of interesting decisions. Plus it's super miserable for the corp when it goes well. Wraparound is still a pain in the ass, but as long as their deck isn't up-and-running super fast, you can get the lockdown going pretty well.

13 Mar 2015 itsbigfoot

1 knifed over either a david or a vigil seems to be consensus

13 Mar 2015 Exo

Interesting deck. Lamprey is very good card. It doesn't see a lot of play but I used it in a Kim deck with Clone Chip and any corp is going to have a hard time if you can land it.

13 Mar 2015 hhooo

Cutting a knight for the knifed is a bit better in my experience. Vigil you want online asap, but it's possible Earthrise is better than the 3rd copy.

13 Mar 2015 ericbtool

If Reina is the macho man, would Whizzard be her little Ms. Elizabeth?

13 Mar 2015 x3r0h0ur

We should turn the comments section here into "shit other players say to you when you play this" I'll start

"I'm not joining your game again until you stop testing this."

The first of many I hope.

13 Mar 2015 TechnoZ

@itsbigfoot Could you copy / paste some of the deck description from stimhack?

13 Mar 2015 weepinggorilla

Wow I love this, excited to try it out.

14 Mar 2015 IonFox

@x3r0h0ur I think that car's bumper over there has your name on it? Let's go take a look. Or you could just stop playing this.

14 Mar 2015 Calimsha

I'm only playing a single Keyhole / Vamp / Knight in my version. I've added a Déjà Vu, an Hotel and a Knifed instead. Not sure if Scavenge is better than the third Lucky Find but it worked out for me :)

14 Mar 2015 Oisin

I've been testing this. It is nasty. I went -1 Daily Casts for a 3rd Kati (personal preference), -1 Queen's Gambit for a Knifed. I'd love to get a Sneakdoor Beta in here, but the Lucky Finds are great economy and Clone Chips are essential. But there's so many turns where the path through archives is empty and I have a lamprey on the table.

14 Mar 2015 Him

@ericbtool: "I've Had Worse", said the Macho Man. Parasite and Lamprey instilled the venom from Jake the Snake.

16 Mar 2015 GoldenArmKid

Would it be possible to modify this deck to work without the clone chips / daily casts? Struggling to build without C&C

16 Mar 2015 Linger

@GoldenArmKid check this -

20 Mar 2015 ericbtool

I just played against this last night twice. I think if I were to give this a test I would take away the liberated account and insert an imp. High-trash cost drip assets can give this deck a really hard time and imp can do the work of liberated accounts with a much lower entry-cost. I recognize scrubber is there but that's just one card. I think going to two "solutions" would be a good thing to do. If not the liberated then something.