Racing the Spark - 1-2 at Montreal CO 2024-04-07

Diogene 4029

6th at Montreal Circuit Opener (of 10 players), 2024-04-07.

Game plan : Spark of Inspiration your expensive breakers and be rich.

Mulligan plan : Aniccam or Spark of Inspiration.

Set aside cards plan : Pressure Spike, Harmony AR Therapy, any econ or Multi access cards.

The goal of the game is to get your breakers ASAP. This is why there is so much draw in the deck. Still, it is a race and a tough one. Sometimes, you'll need to install Lobisomem from hand, because you need those breakers!

In retrospect, swapping the DJ Fenris for another Pinhole Threading would make the deck better.

One the board is set up, with the amount of economic cards in the deck, you'll be able to pressure the corp easily.

With Aniccam and Steelskin Scarring, you are nearly immune to flatlined.

In most games, you'll be able to setup early enough, but sometimes, as in any card game, it will take you 10 turns. Them the breaks.

Why 46 cards? Because I discussed with Andrej at the last GBK together and he was telling that I probably would do a 46 cards sized runner deck, just like I do 40 cards sized corp decks. I wanted to prove him right, cause that is more fun haha!

Thanks to all the participants of the tournament and a big thanks to Odonuvo for organizing the event.