Apoc Lat (A Successful 4 Year Canadian National Defence)

Sokka 5290

Bridgeman Ob + Apoc Lat = A four year Canadian national title defence!? Woooooot!

I played this list in both Intercontinentals and Canadian Nationals. It did not lose a single game in either tournament.

You can check out my Intercontinentals Playlist for a bit of deck discussion and my interconts games.

Basically the rationale in playing Apoc Lat is to punish the corps who are trying to set up a remote and then push with NEXT Activation Command.

Don’t have time for a longer writeup but as always, if anyone has any questions about the deck or anything Netrunner feel free to hit me up!

See y’all at worlds :)

13 Sep 2022 Longi

Hey, congrats! How good turned out the Propeller to be?

13 Sep 2022 Sokka

@Longiquite good! For the purposes of this deck, I think Propeller is the best option (even better than Paperclip). The ability to boost strength without credits can come in real clutch when you’re just trying to make a couple key runs. Most times I just install Endurance and none of the breakers are actually ever needed

19 Sep 2022 Pawndawan

Congrats on your win!

I bought this deck to Helsinki CO, nicknamed it "Lat: Unethical Sailor" and photoshopped a custom ID for it. To my surprise was not as successful as Sokka, but had great time Apocalypsing corps.

Photoshopped Lat with a sailor hat