ApocoLat (1st @ Worlds 2022)

Sokka 4860


Huge. Huge. Thank you. To everyone who contributed to make this last weekend the amazing weekend that it was.

After worlds, I immediately plunge back into my packed law school life. I am defence counsel in my first ever trial in less than two days but just for you, the players who make up the wonderful Netrunner community, I wanted to get my lists posted along with a video about the weekend and my decks as soon as I could.

Timestamps in description: https://youtu.be/2GYDg3BbJKg

Always Be Running.

Cobra Link

11 Oct 2022 wiriamu

Love the choices here. I’ve been playing Apoc Wu and always wished I could Stargate. So great to see what a top-level deck builder and pilot chooses to do. Congrats, champ!

11 Oct 2022 Diogene

Great story about the changes, 15 seconds before submitting the deck. Congratulation on your well deserved victory as the world champion 2022. Cheers!