Trompe-l'œil (1st Place @ Gamer's Haven)

CrimsonWraith 3614

My first place Runner deck at the 19-player Gamer's Haven Store Championship on January 7th, 2017. It went 4-1 throughout Swiss and Double-Elim, beating SYNC, NEH, Chronos Protocol, and Gagarin. I won the game against SYNC by milling 20 cards in one turn and the game against CP by milling 30 cards in one turn. I beat the NEH and Gagarin decks by scoring out. The sole loss was to a Blue Sun that flatlined me when I tried to stop her from rushing agendas out.

I never had any interest in the "Dyper" (DDoS-Hyperdriver) archetype until Equivocation existed. And then... Well, I'm a sucker for any mill deck and nobody in Colorado was piloting anything like it, so I decided to give it a go.

If you're unfamiliar with the archetype, the idea is to set up for one massive combo turn with as much as you can of 3x Hyperdrivers (via Leprechauns), 3x All-Nighters, Beth, DDoS, Keyhole, Equivocation, and some combination of False Echo(es), Clone Chip(s) and/or Self-Modifying Codes.

On your combo turn (you can get as high as a 17-click turn), you trigger DDoS and make a Keyhole run. You get past the outermost ice with DDoS, you trash False Echo to send the outermost ice to the opponent's HQ, and now the next ice you encounter is the outermost, and you use another False Echo, and rinse and repeat skipping all the way down the server until there's only one unrezzed ice left. At this point, with DDoS triggered and only one ice left on R&D, you're free to spend all of your remaining clicks just making Keyhole runs.

Normally with Dyper decks you have to worry about hitting 7 points with all those Keyhole runs (or 7 minus however many Notoriety you have in hand). With Equivocation installed though, the deck essentially becomes a mill deck instead, and you don't even have to worry about points. Alongside every card you remove from R&D with Keyhole, you can also reveal the top card pre-Keyhole and force the Corp to draw it. So for every click you spend running R&D, you remove two cards from R&D. If you have the complete set-up at the start of your turn, you can mill up to 34 cards out of R&D in one turn.

15 Jan 2017 moistloaf


16 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

iknow/thx :D

16 Jan 2017 x3r0h0ur

Stop being a bad person.

16 Jan 2017 kollapse

Never needed a breaker, I take it?

16 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

Generally no, though a breaker would have been useful in the one game I lost where I could not deal with an Oversight'd Curtain Wall. The Escher play was open, but it was buried in my deck and I never saw it until the game was over.

I did win in the first round despite SYNC getting four ice rezzed via Boot Camp... My opponent left HQ with just a single unrezzed ice protecting it and I was able to Escher all the unrezzed ice to R&D and mill him out.

A single Atman was one of my last cuts to the deck and is worth some consideration if you want another backup plan.

17 Jan 2017 triorph

Doubtful that a corp can survive anyway, but a jackson on the table can stop the mill here, as interdiction only applies on the runner's turn.

17 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

Yep, if there's unrezzed cards that might be Jackson, you can spend a click to just play Interdiction. If it's rezzed, you have to have a plan for killing it and milling three more cards. The latter was the case in my game against SYNC in the tournament. He had 17 cards in R&D that I milled, and then I started running his unprotected remotes. One was a Jackson, which he triggered, and then I just milled three more cards for the win.

17 Jan 2017 triorph

My point is that interdiction doesn't stop them using the Jackson at the start of their own turn, so they can survive the mill and maybe fast advance the win from hand or something.

17 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

Ah! I see what you're saying now. Yes, that's a very good point. The traditional answer for Jackson in Dyper decks is Rumor Mill. While influence-free, Interdiction doesn't quite fill the same role for the very reason you just pointed out. Good catch!

17 Jan 2017 kollapse

Out of curiosity, how was the economy? I'm thinking of taking a variant of this (probably with 1x Atman) to a SC and was thinking how to possibly fit a Rumor Mill. Or is it not needed?

17 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

It can be a bit touch and go, the Day Jobs did work in every match at the tournament. I'm running Peace in Our Time over Day Job at the moment, which is even better. I think you cut the Turning Wheel and the third Clone Chip to fit in Rumor Mill. Didn't mention it in the deck description, but I also dropped Notoriety after the tournament to get down to 45 cards.

I went to 46 with several one-of's for testing purposes, and then didn't play or tweak the deck for a month before the tournament (a new baby AND a new puppy at home will do that to your Netrunner playtesting time lol!), so just brought it as is. After playing a bit, I'd tweak it to go more all-in on the mill plan; probably bring Rumor Mill back in while dropping the Turning Wheel and Notoriety bits that are more geared towards scoring out.

17 Jan 2017 kollapse

New baby here as well (congrats man!), hence me nicking your deck and asking for tweaking advice - practice time is basically zero before Saturdays tourney. :) It's pre-Quorum here so no PIOT sadly.

17 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

Congrats to you as well! =)

20 Jan 2017 EnderA

The obvious change is -2 Day Job, +2 Peace in our Time.

I would also suggest -1 DDoS, -1 The Turning Wheel, -1 Interdiction, +1 Rumor Mill, +1 Déjà Vu. The Deja Vu stands as Rumor Mill/DDoS #2 in case you lose either one somehow. You can also find DDoS with Artist Colony.

21 Jan 2017 CrimsonWraith

The Deja Vu is an intriguing option worth testing. And you'll see a few comments above yours that I've already made the bulk of the other changes you suggested. :)

21 Jan 2017 EnderA

@CrimsonWraithAh, my bad, so you did!

5 Feb 2017 Casshern1324

Thoughts on Kate vs Hayley for the new Dyper build? Kate is more econ efficient, but with how much setup is involved I feel Hayley might be the better option to get set up faster.

8 Feb 2017 GhostTown

Plan on piloting this deck later tonight with some of the recommended changes above ( -2 Day Job, +2 Peace in Our Time; -1 The Turning Wheel, -1 Clone Chip, +1 Rumor Mill) but @CrimsonWraithalso mentioned dropping Notoriety. Thoughts on Data Breach to get that one more run in on your big turn? This also keeps the deck to 45.

8 Feb 2017 CrimsonWraith

I wouldn't slot in Data Breach, bit of a non-bo with the deck actually. It gives you one additional run on R&D, but one less Keyhole run on R&D, and even with Equivocation installed, no difference in number of cards milled. :)

8 Feb 2017 GhostTown

`@CrimsonWraith You beat me to my attempt at a correction; I forgot Keyhole needs a click to use. New Angeles City Hall seems like a good fit to protect all those sweet resources.

24 Feb 2017 formerteen

i know you mentioned moving away from the scoring plan (e.g., dropping Notoriety) but it's worth mentioning that Mad Dash (not yet linkable on NRDB) is an 1-point card guaranteed card in this combo.