Business Man (not a cop) - 4th, 2-1 at Seattle CO

cablooshe 146


I'm a business man with a business plan

I'm gonna make you money in business land

I'm a cool guy talkin' 'bout GameStop

I'm definitely not a cop

why does he have a gun

This is the paired theme deck I made for the Emerald City Grid CO, alongside my Get Lewi (Theroux it) list. This one was way more just me being sleep deprived and thinking "What if I brought back the old MAD BOOM list I'd been messing with just before rotation".

So I added the Reaper Functions and some core damage to make End of the Line kills maybe feasible.

I then added an extra 10 cards in an attempt to get some extra recursion since I HAD NO INFLUENCE.


Some highlights:

  • My 2 wins were only from scoring. So I guess the alternate wincon is alive and well.
  • I have no idea why I thought Defense Construct was a viable replacement to a third Spin Doctor. WHY IS THIS CARD SO BAD.
  • Mr. Hendrik and other cards forcing the runner to spend/lose tons of clicks was actually really strong. I'm definitely a fan now.

If I ever tried this again, it'd be -1 Reaper Function (2 Core is kinda viable i think), -1 Defense Construct, +1 Spin Doctor and +1 Gaslight. Also maybe +5 cards to get another Project Vitruvius and some more bulk into Esâ decks.

I plan for my next list to be Smokin' Joe Rudeboy themed.