Get Lewi (Theroux it) - 4th, 2-1 at Seattle CO

cablooshe 146

The Inspiration

Self-help talks, money walks

Everybody wants to change with a two week course

If ya like me you need a little trick

Cause you're currently shit at dealing with conflict

Don't start a fight but don't avoid everything in life

You've gotta get it just right

Here's your solution

A role model for your conflict resolution

Superman: too fictitious

And laser vision is a little too vicious

Jesus Christ: yes turn the other cheek

But if done every time it gets me beat

You need a 6'2 bespectacled motherfucker who won't suffer no fool. He's a big bad dog from the BBC, and he won't break eye contact with a nazi

I wanted to bring some weird decks for fun this tournament, and originally that was going to be some sort of derez Los: Data Hijacker deck. Then I realized that keeping the corp poor is really hard against people running Your Digital Life or big money Outfit/Fully Operational decks, which I was expecting a decent amount of coming in this weekend. Setups with Rubicon Switch + Keros Mcintyre and Laser Pointer + Capybara are too slow anyways.

So I took Whiteblade's/Rongydoge's Zhaya deck and added a few specific changes to make it work for me:

Overall pretty fun list. I'd definitely cut Lewi, though not sure what else. Carpe Diem is a nice early game possible 5 credits, and I love Reprise as a way to get something huge off the board like a fully charged Pharos.

Dies to Barf Thule btw, which was a short but fun match :D