Noob CtM

radishcat 65

I've been playing for nearly three months now and thought it was time to take the plunge at my first at my first competitive Netrunner event. I went 1-3 with this CtM deck along with 3-1 on the runner side for a 4-4 record and 5th place out of 10.

I didn't want to straight up netdeck, but this was heavily inspired by popular NetrunnerDB CtM decks. I saw Rash Decisions about a week before the event and liked the look of it, but after playing CtM decks that were more 2017-inspired for around six weeks beforehand I didn't want to change approach that dramatically for the tournament.

The game plan is fairly standard CtM, with a little more emphasis on economy and ice since as a new player I feel exposed without plenty of each. Rashida Jaheem wast the last addition to the deck, as I had been running 3 NGO Front previously. In the end the tempo was much appreciated.

I spent far too long agonizing over Resistor vs. Vanilla vs. Wraparound for the second barrier slot. After playing Wraparound in the lead up I I switched to Resistor at the last minute and was happy with my choice in the end. IP Block already delivers plenty of AI hate and the 0-rez of Resistor is a blessing.

1) Lost to Adam 4-7. There was an early Employee Strike and my economy got trashed. But then I fought back with multiple Hard-Hitting News and trashed Find The Truth. Unfortunately I didn't see any of my three tag punishment cards all game and lost off a series of single accesses.

2) Lost to Smoke 0-8. I stupidly kept a hand with no ice, but lots of shiny economy cards. The only ice I drew all game was a tollbooth, which I foolishly tried to use to establish a scoring remote. And then I got indexed for a loss. While my draw luck was terrible, I also think this was my worst performance of the day.

3) Lost to Geist 4-3. After a long game on the other side this one was under time pressure early on and we had a ten-minute warning when I was 2-0 up. My opponent managed to steal a Global Food Initiative, bringing the score level and I then followed up with 15 Minutes to take the lead again. I'm ashamed to say I then played very negatively, mostly clicking for credits and hoping for the timed win. My opponent won off a single-access on R&D after time had been called. I think I was one Hard-Hitting News away from putting this game in a very different position, but I don't really understand Geist and my opponent (who came first overall) generally defended well.

4) Beat Alice 7-2. My opponent didn't see much in the way of economy or breakers despite setting up a suite of trash-related cards. I rushed out an AR-Enhanced Security early to secure my economy then scored out a bunch of small agendas behind a Tollbooth.

Overall I was reasonably happy with my corp performance on the day. I thought I might get sweeped, so winning one game was a positive. My play in game 2 left a lot to be desired, but I felt like I had chances in games 1 and 3 at least.

Since I'm a new player I welcome any feedback. Thanks for reading this far!

6 May 2018 radishcat

I took part in a second GNK a week later, with an identical list other than +1 Rashida - 1 NGO, and went 2-3, along with 2-3 corp for 15th place out of 20.

  • Lost to Maxx
  • Lost to Wu
  • Beat Freedom
  • Beat Apex
  • Lost to Valencia