Mars for MaxXs - 1st Place @ UK Nationals

Circadia 2787

Thanks to munchli12 for the original list, even if you missed a trick with the deck name. My changes (more Inject, more Dean, more currents) were absolutely right for the UK meta.

Deck went 3-3 in Swiss and 2-0 in the cut. Inject was an absolute must to get this deck online before Moons can get set up. I tried not to fear the Blacklist, trusting in my God-Dean combo rather than the conspiracy breakers. The Sync matchup is surprisingly winnable, I just had to get a Mercs down, block the Sync flip ability with Strike and try and score all the GFIs in one turn: I beat two Syncs in Swiss using exactly this strategy.

This deck has no legs after rotation, unless you fancy Code Siphoning for your Gods. I'm posting for posterity, but there really nothing to see here in two weeks time!

RIP Joshua B, we hardly knew ye.

17 Sep 2017 munchli21

@Circadia Congrats for the win :) I am munchli21 though ;) but thanks for letting her bitching again one last time! We will miss her! nice adjustments to the meta!

17 Sep 2017 Circadia

@munchli21 Oops! Sorry about that. Really do appreciate the list, good job on it.

I'm really not a fan of your deck name though. Even in jest, men talking about female characters being "bitches" or "bitching" rubs me the wrong way.

18 Sep 2017 munchli21

@Circadia it wasn't meant that seriously and definitely not against women in general. just talking about the super annoying siphon spam... know it is not politically correct but she is gone soon anyway :( @beyoken once called her godess of war in a stream. that would have been an appropriate name i guess.

18 Sep 2017 Circadia

Sure, I appreciate that it's was never intended to be a general statement about women! Netrunner is just an awesomely diverse game, both in terms of characters and players (particularly the UK meta) and I think it's important not to undermine that with casual gendered insults, even if the intent is benign. Goddess of War is also a great name.

18 Sep 2017 Seriousigg

It's really good to see this being discussed sensibly especially after seeing something similar on Shut Up And Sit Down having to be locked down after comments went out of control. It's a credit to you both.

Congratulations @Circadia on winning a tough Nationals and being another champion the UK can be proud of. I'm very glad I didn't have to play you :-).