[2nd @ AmeriCon] #cancelcriminal

enkoder 1047

This is the list I piloted to 2nd place at American Continentals. Leading up to the tournament I had been playing Hayley, aka BAEley, my love, and unfortunately having a really poor winrate. I kept getting crushed in this meta and just flat out couldn't keep up vs asa. Two nights before the tournament I raged quit Hayley and threw this silly homebrew together. Friday morning made some changes like dropping the Startgate for an Apoc and adding in my favorite pet card Muertos Gang Member. It had a punishing game vs BlueSun in the Jnet casual lobby, which felt good, so I decided to sleeve it up.

@enkoder I love that you went from "I'm 100% going with my bae Hayley" to "lol let's jam this weird 419 brew" over the course of 12 hours. - Wes

Is it a good deck? No, certainly not. Can it win games? Yes, sort of. It went 2-4 in swiss but I knew it was going to be good strong in the cut based upon my meta predictions. This turned out to be true, but Syd played an amazing game coming back from an Apoc to take home the first game in the finals where he was the only person all weekend who beat my Asa list. Well deserved victory, @syd7!

I never play crim, crim sucks. You run out of money, you can never find your breakers so, your best breaker is your face, you feel bad while you're playing, you install like 4 things, people don't like it when you doof them, and I don't like it when I spend 6 to take your 5, or when I spend 2 and 2 clicks to take your 3 w/ Hijacked Router. It's a race to the bottom where we all loose. #cancelcriminal

3 Aug 2020 TyrellCorp

Speaking as a mildly offended criminal player, and really, just to emphasize that crim does indeed suck:


4 Aug 2020 ClosDeLaRoche

Congrats kodie you're the best! You'll kill it this weekend