Doll Judgment

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Because I'm a massive touhou fan I named the deck after Alice's theme song.

The runner list I took to: [our season 1 GNK event] ""

11 players. 4 Rounds, No losses. Adam won.

Round 1 I got the bye, but heh good to know adam can at least beat the chair.

Game 2: Vs Asa, early aggression and "peeping" with find the truth let me get some early agendas, or at least know they were in HQ, asas scoring remote was covered by 2 F3 (one cursed by femme), and backed up by Ash 2X3ZB9CY so no chance I was getting in there repeatedly. (especially as I lost Ork and Cliplip to a quick scored Chronos Project), Overmind and James messed up the corp math and bought me a few extra turns. In the end a hail Mary run on Rnd letting 2F2 fire my directives, and some brain damage found the winning point.

Game 3: Palana: Palana got flooded and I found 2 niseis early on and saw obo ontop of RnD, 2 turns was me drawing 3 cards, tanking DNA (going to 2 cards) and naming 5 with the key until I accessed the obo in hand allowing me to draw to 4 and take it. RNG key is dumb :)

Game 4: Titan: Sniped some early agendas including what he tried rushing behind icewall thanks to Turtle and Dan in the opening hand. The corp tried to slow me down but RnG key on 0 usually triggered in a hand full of fast tracks and audactities. I lost Find the truth to best defense. Then the corp bit fast tracking an Project Atlas into hand to try and start the atlas train next turn, while also Installing a new Ice on HQ. I hard cast Femme#3 (the first one discarded to bring the second one out), cursing the HQ ice which happened to be an enigma I could break anyway xD. My Hq run found both Atlas AND an Oaktown sealing the deal.

In short: Adam is really fun, Find the truth just gives so much information, creativity is just silly at times, and RNG, even if you're not cheating with find, is a really swingy and fun card.

15 Apr 2018 AsteriskCGY

Yay Touhou

16 Apr 2018 NtscapeNavigator

@AsteriskCGYAre you a fan too :). I'm absolutely trash at the games (I still try though), but I love the scores in them. ZUN is a good composer. Still need to name a deck "UN Owen was her?" at some point.

17 Apr 2018 AsteriskCGY

@Blue Haired Hacker GirlYea the shmups don't stick too hard to me. I've liked the fighting games more.

I've seen another deck run 3 Multithreader and 2 RNG Key and come out going for 3 Keys and 2 threaders. And ABR feels like such a liability without e3 doesn't it?

17 Apr 2018 NtscapeNavigator

@AsteriskCGY I went with 3 multi/2 keys cause multis play nicer with EC, spare keys are literally dead, as least threaders can reduce something by 3 if you don't want to install them. The deck races through cards so much you find the key quite quickly anyway.

As for ABR, yup, I almost took it vs titan in game 4, in fact I was debating for 5 mins on that vs safety first. The fact you choose before your opening hand as well, means if you do take ABR and draw a meh hand the deck probably will just fall over. If I didn't take it vs titan I honestly can't see a time I wouldn't run the "standard" directives of Find, Neutralize, and Safety.

an early version of this deck had Dr. Lovegood in it to better accommodate ABR, but that felt clunky and Lovegood was a dead card sometimes.

17 Apr 2018 AsteriskCGY

@Blue Haired Hacker GirlLovegood was great next to Drug Dealer but Deuces sounds like a better replacement. I also see you don't run Earthrise. Career Fair combos have been a long thing with the autodraw of NAT. But I think the extended breaker suite with Emergent covers that.

But man I miss the silly rush ABR and e3 let you do.

18 Apr 2018 NtscapeNavigator

@AsteriskCGYI had Mr Drugs in for a while but I found him a liability unless you also found lovegood, and Maxwell's remote pressure is so much better.

19 Apr 2018 AsteriskCGY

@Blue Haired Hacker GirlGonna give this a go with a swap for Mopus. Works with emergent but slower.