All ways 3th @Montreal Circuit Opener April 2023

Diogene 3793


Run all the time. Interact all the time. Be the true cyber criminal while thinking like a shaper and behaving like an anarch.

Mulligan plan : You want credits or Safety First in hand.

Game plan : select the following directives : Always Be Running, Neutralize All Threats, Find the Truth and fly!

Won against Artem's Outfit, lost to is44ru Azmari and lost to skorpi Ob.

18 run events! And yes, you should do a blind Mad Dash on HQ if you can early.

Your early breaker is Always Be Running (paired with Poison Vial) and you second breaker is Aumakua (paired with Leech). Mayfly will help you when you need to break everything early or late.

Top Hat will allow you to run R&D and see possibly two cards, using Find the Truth. Possibly allowing to dodge a Snare! if it is on the top.

Misdirection is there because Hard-Hitting News is very common in the meta or Q2 2023. You have Emergent Creativity to get it if you need it early.

Finaly, you get to not run by using Carpe Diem and a lot of draw with Safety First and Earthrise Hotel.

This deck is a lot of fun to pilot and to watch it being piloted. Interactions are the best!